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The Complete Laboratory Manual for Electricity
Copyright 2009

The Complete Laboratory Manual for Electricity
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Delmar's Standard Textbook of Electricity
Delmar's Standard Textbook of Electricity

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The Complete Laboratory Manual for Electricity

3rd Edition
Stephen L. Herman

The Complete Laboratory Manual for Electricity, 3rd Edition is a valuable tool designed to fit into any basic electrical program that incorporates lab experience.

This updated edition will enhance your lab practices and the understanding of electrical concepts. From basic electricity through AC theory, transformers, and motor controls, all aspects of a typical electrical curriculum are explored in a single volume.

Each lab features an explanation of the circuit to be connected, with examples of the calculations necessary to complete the exercise and step-by-step procedures for conducting the experiment.

Hands-on experiments that acquaint readers with the theory and application of electrical concepts offer valuable experience in constructing a multitude of circuits such as series, parallel, combination, RL series and parallel, RC series and parallel, and RLC series and parallel circuits.

  • offers the ability to construct simple, relatively inexpensive labs
  • expanded information on single-pole, three-way, and four-way switch connections prepares readers for the basic types of switches that electricians must install in a residential, commercial, or industrial application
  • the hands-on methodology and "learn by doing" approach sufficiently primes readers for situations they are likely to encounter in the real world
  • a logical progression of topics makes this lab manual suitable for use as a stand-alone or as a supplement to any electrical theory book
  • designed for the laboratory that has access to 120 volts AC and 208 volts three phase

Table of Contents:

Material List

Section 1 Measuring Instruments and Basic Electricity

Unit 1 Measuring Instruments
Unit 2 Ohm''s Law
Unit 3 Series Circuits
Unit 4 Parallel Circuits
Unit 5 Combination Circuits
Unit 6 Resistor Color Code

Section 2 Basic Switch Connections

Unit 7 Single-pole Switches
Unit 8 3-way Switches
Unit 9 4-way Switches

Section 3 Alternating Current Loads

Unit 10 Inductance
Unit 11 Resistive - Inductive Series Circuits
Unit 12 RL Parallel Circuits
Unit 13 Capacitance
Unit 14 Resistive - Capacitive Series Circuits
Unit 15 RC Parallel Circuits
Unit 16 Resistive - Inductive - Capacitive Series Circuits
Unit 17 Resistive - Inductive - Capacitive Parallel Circuits
Unit 18 Power Factor Correction

Section 4 Transformers and Motors

Unit 19 Transformer Basics
Unit 20 Single Phase Transformer Calculations
Unit 21 Transformer Polarities
Unit 22 Autotransformers
Unit 23 Three Phase Circuits
Unit 24 Three Phase Transformers
Unit 25 Three Phase Motors

Section 5 Motor Controls

Unit 26 Start-Stop Push-Button Controls
Unit 27 Multiple Push-Button Stations
Unit 28 Forward-Reverse Control
Unit 29 Sequence Control
Unit 30 Jogging Controls
Unit 31 On-Delay Timers
Unit 32 Off-Delay Timers
Unit 33 Changing the Logic of an On-Delay timer to an Off-Delay Timer
Unit 34 Designing a Printing Press Circuit
Unit 35 Sequence Starting and Stopping for Three Motors
Unit 36 Hydraulic Press Control Circuit
Unit 37 Design of Two Flashing Lights
Unit 38 Design of three Flashing Lights
Unit 39 Control for Three Pumps
Unit 40 Oil Pressure Pump Circuit for a Compressor
Unit 41 Autotransformer Starter

About the Author:

Stephen L. Herman has been both an electrician and teacher for over 20 years. He has authored numerous textbooks on the subjects of electricity and mathematics.

He recently retired from being a lead instructor for Electrical Technology Curriculum at Lee College in Baytown, Texas. Mr. Herman received an Excellence in Education Award by the Haliburton Education Foundation.

455 Pages - 8-1/2 x 11 in.


Electrical Related
Electrical Exam Prep
2008 NEC and Related
2011 NEC and Related
Electrical Theory
Electrical Calculations
Electrical Estimating
Construction Related
Building Code Related
HVAC Exam Prep

HVAC Related

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