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Plumber's Exam Preparation Guide

Plumber's Exam Preparation Guide


DEWALT Plumbing Licensing Exam Guide, 2E
Plumbing Licensing Exam Guide

DEWALT Plumbing Code Reference - updated to 2006 IPC, IRC
Code Reference

Plumber's Handbook Revised
Plumber's Handbook Revised

Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical
Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical

Plumber's Exam Preparation Guide

By: Howard Massey   >> Preview Chapter

This book is your guide to passing the plumber's exam. Whether this is your first try or your third, and no matter what state or county exam you're taking, the information between the covers of this manual will help you pass.

This book has hundreds of the type of questions that appear most often on plumber's exams. Each question is answered under both the Uniform Plumbing Code and the Standard Plumbing Code. Clarifications and explanations are included when the answer involves an important point you might miss. And there's no need to flip back and forth to answers in another part of the book. The answer is printed right under each question.

Twenty chapters cover all the topics you'll find on most plumbing exams: both standard and specialized plumbing systems, definitions of plumbing terms, vents and venting, traps, interceptors and separators, private sewage disposal systems, storm water drainage, plumbing fixtures, fire protection piping, gas systems, plumbing isometrics, and plumber's math.

One section explains how to prepare for the exam and includes a list of recommended references for your use. At the back of the book there's a complete sample exam that can predict how you'll do on the real test - and suggest what subjects you should review again.

If getting certified and receiving top pay for your work as a journeyman or master plumber is your goal, this is the book for you. It can be your first step to a more rewarding career.

The Author:

Howard C. Massey has seen plumbing from every perspective - as a plumber, contractor, inspector, plans examiner and consultant. He's one of the nation's outstanding authorities on the plumbing code and preparing for the plumbing exam.

Mr. Massey began as an apprentice plumber, advancing quickly to journeyman, and then master plumber. For over fifteen years he operated his own plumbing contracting firm in Florida, undertaking a wide variety of residential, commercial and school projects. For fourteen years he was assistant plumbing chief and plans examiner for Dade County (Miami) Florida. He's helped write, grade and monitor plumbing exams and is a nationally recognized expert both on the code and how to teach code compliance to apprentice and journeyman plumbers.

Other books by Mr. Massey are Basic Plumbing with Illustrations, Plumber's Handbook, Planning Drain, Waste & Vent Systems, and Illustrated Guide to the International Plumbing & Fuel Gas Codes.


Introduction - How to Use This Book, 5

Part One: Plumbing Systems

  1. Plumbing Systems - General Regulations, 12
  2. Plumbing Definitions, 27
  3. Materials: Quality and Weights, 44
  4. Joints and Connections, 51
  5. Traps and Cleanouts, 58
  6. Sanitary Drainage Systems, 69
  7. Vents and Venting, 82
  8. Special Traps, Interceptors and Separators, 96
  9. Indirect and Special Waste Piping, 109
  10. Private Sewage Disposal Systems, 122
  11. Water Distribution Systems, 136
  12. Storm Water Drainage Systems, 148
  13. Plumbing Fixtures and Special Plumbing Fixtures, 157

Part Two: Gas Systems

  1. Gas Regulations and Definitions, 172
  2. Gas Piping - Materials and Installation, 185
  3. Gas Appliances, Vents and Flues, 200

Part Three: Specialized Plumbing Systems

  1. Fire Protection Systems, 219
  2. Nonflammable Medical Gas Systems, 233

Part Four: Plumbing Isometrics, Piping Diagrams and Plumbersí Math

  1. Isometric Drawings, 241
  2. Basic Plumbing Mathematics, 254

Part Five: Sample Examination

  1. Examination Day, 267
    First Day (Morning Portion), 268
    First Day (Afternoon Portion), 279
    Second Day, 298
    Answers, 315

Index, 317

Softcover - 320 Pages
8-1/2 x 11 in.


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