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Building Code Basics: Building - Based on the 2009 International Building Code
Copyright 2010

Building Code Basics: Building (2009 IBC)


2009 International Building Code
2009 International Building Code

Significant Changes to the International Building Code: 2009 Edition
Significant Changes to the International Building Code: 2009 Ed

Illustrated 2009 Building Code Handbook
Illustrated 2009 Building Code Handbook

2009 International Building Code (IBC) - Need to Know
2009 International Building Code (IBC) - Need to Know

Code Check Series

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Building Code Basics: Building
Based on the
2009 International Building Code

Stephen A. Van Note

Technically accurate and easy to understand, this is the perfect resource for beginning inspectors.

For the first time, readers can gain a solid, working knowledge of critical building code applications without the text-heavy, complex, and sometimes abstract language that complicates many of the more traditional code related books that are available.

BUILDING CODE BASICS: BUILDING, BASED ON THE 2009 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE® is designed to tackle the basics of the IBC®, including its essential requirements and intent, while maintaining an organized, user-friendly, and practical approach.

It is one installment of Building Code Basics, a series dedicated to providing high-quality, technically accurate, simplified code books for readers who are unfamiliar with the underlying concepts of the I-Codes.

Coverage follows the general purpose of the building code to provide fire, life, and health safety for the occupants of a building. Code references are also included, and when paired with non-technical explanations, they provide added value to the book's usefulness, making this an ideal tool for anyone in or entering the field of design, construction, or inspection of commercial buildings.

  • Clearly illustrates correct code application with full-color diagrams and photographs.
  • Clarifies key terminology as it applies to the code with detailed glossary of code and construction terms.
  • Facilitates comprehension of code applications with detailed, real-world examples of methods for determining code compliance.


1. Introduction to Building Codes.

History of Codes. Code Development. Building Codes: Scope and Limitations. Existing Buildings.

2. Legal Aspects, Permits and Inspections.
Code adoption. Authority. Permits. Inspections. Board of Appeals. Definitions.

3. Building Use.

Inherent hazards in buildings. Basic Occupancies.

4. Construction Types.
Combustible vs. Noncombustible. Protected vs. Unprotected.

5. Building Size.
Maximum Height. Maximum Areas. Interior Dimensions.

6. Special Uses and Considerations.
Multi-Use Buildings. Special Building Types. Vehicles in Buildings. Hazardous Materials.

7. Why Fire & Smoke Protection.

Spread of Fire.

8. Passive Fire Protection.
Determination of Fire Rated Construction. Types of Fire Separations. Interior Finishes. Stopping Air & Fire Movement.

9. Active Fire Protection.
Fire Sprinklers. Standpipes. Fire Alarms. Controlling Smoke.

10. Getting People Out.

Design of Exit Systems. Components.

11. Getting People In.
Federal Regulations. Accessibility. Rescue for People with a Disability.

12. Building Safety.
Protection from Falls. Safety Glazing. Swimming Pools.

13. Weather Protection

Exterior Walls. Roofing.

14. Interior Environment
Light & Ventilation. Temperature. Moisture Control. Plumbing Facilities.

15. Structural Design.

Basic Loads.

16. Materials.
Structural. Non-structural

208 Pages

About the Author:

Stephen A. Van Note is a member of the senior technical staff of the International Code Council (ICC) where, as part of the Product Development team, he is responsible for authoring technical resource materials in support of the International Codes. His role also includes the management, review and technical editing of publications authored by outside sources.

Prior to joining ICC in 2006, Van Note was building official for Linn County, Iowa. He has 15 years experience in code administration and enforcement, and over 20 years experience in the construction field including project planning and management for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

A certified building official and plans examiner, Van Note also holds certifications in five inspection categories.


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