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DeWalt Construction Professional Pocket Reference
Softcover - 384 Pages
 Pocket-Size: 4 x 6 in.

DEWALT Construction Professional Reference



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DEWALT Construction Professional Reference

The Reference Guide for the Construction Industry

This outstanding "answer book" is the perfect professional reference for questions concerning basic building disciplines.

The DEWALT® Construction Professional Reference features at-a-glance information on hardware sizing, correct nailing patterns, walls and flooring, doors and door openings, roof pitches, stairway stringers, steel, excavation, masonry, and much more!

With illustrative diagrams and construction documents for use on the jobsite, this valuable reference is sure to be an effective tool from the configuration of a job to its conclusion


  • clear, concise language is used to effectively convey essential information which can easily be applied to a variety of trades on many different types of construction projects
  • includes general construction safety tips and precautions for getting the job done "right the first time"
  • helpful appendices include industry abbreviations and symbols, commonly used conversion factors, trigonometric formulas, decimal equivalents, and more
  • content is completely current and up-to-date with industry standards
  • special cover material is flexible, tear-resistant, and water- and oil-resistant for ease of use in the shop or on-the-job
  • exclusive super-strong binding allows the books to lay flat when opened while keeping the pages securely intact
  • large and easy-to-read text makes finding information a breeze
  • conveniently fits into any pocket or toolbox for the ideal carry-along!

Table of Contents:

General Construction and Safety

Drawing Scales
CSI Specification Divisions
General Construction Checklist
Construction Components
Insulation Values for Common Building Materials
Thermal and Sound Insulation
Types of Wall Construction and Their R-Values
Nail Sizes
Surface Finishing Abbreviations, Yard and Structural Lumber
Glue-Laminated Timber Sizing
Rebar (Standard Sizes)
Welded Wire Fabric
Framing Ratios per Stud Spacing
Hardware Locations
Hardware Reinforcing Gauges
Steel Door Selection Guide for Industrial Buildings
Standard Steel Door Grades and Models
Fire Door Classified Openings
Roof Dead Loads
Ceiling Dead Loads
Floor Dead Loads
Wall and Partition Dead Loads
Average Weight of House by Area
Figuring Loads for Frame of a Two-Story Home
Light Gauge Framing, Size and Weight per Lineal Foot
Recommended Telecom Closet Sizes
Treated Stressed Skin Panel Construction
One-Hour Assembly Resilient Channel Ceiling System
One-Hour Assembly T-Bar Grid Ceiling System
One-Hour Interior Shear Wall Construction
One-Hour Exterior Wall Construction
Joint Details for Plywood Siding
Loading Tables for Floor/Ceiling Trusses Built With 2 x 4 Chords
Sheet Metal Screw Characteristics
Standard Wood Screw Characteristics (inches)
Allen Head and Machine Screw Bolt and Torque Characteristics
Hex Head Bolt and Torque Characteristics
Whitworth Hex Head Bolt and Torque Characteristics
Metric Hex Head Bolt and Torque Characteristics
Tightening Torque in Pound-Feet-Screw Fit
Screw Torques
Standard Taps and Dies (in inches)
Taps and Dies – Metric Conversions
Recommended Drilling Speeds (RPMS)
Torque Lubrication Effects in Foot-Pounds
Metalworking Lubricants
Standard Hand Signals for Controlling Crane Operations
Manila Rope Slings – Straight Leg
Manila Rope Slings – Basket
Wire Rope Slings – Straight Leg
Wire Rope Slings – Basket
Safe Loads for Shackles
Eye and Face Protectors
Eye Protection
Filter Lens Shade Numbers for Protection Against Radiant Energy
Selection of Respirators
Permissible Noise Exposures
Minimum Illumination Intensities in Foot-Candles
Fire-Resistive Labeled Equipment
Types of Fire Extinguishers
Size of Extension Cords for Portable Tools
Scaffold Maximum Vertical Tie Spacing Wider Than 3' 0" Bases
Single Pole Wood Pole Scaffolds
Independent Wood Pole Scaffolds
Minimum Size of Members – Tube Scaffolds
Schedule for Ladder-Type Platforms
Scaffold Loads
Allowable Scaffold Spans
Maximum Number of Planked Levels
Safety Nets


Soil Types
Terms Used in Grading
Maximum Allowable Slopes
Excavating Toward an Open Ditch
Sequence of Excavation in High Groundwater
Angle of Repose for Common Soil Types
Cone of Depression
Excavations Made in Type A Soil
Excavations Made in Type B Soil
Excavations Made in Type C Soil
Excavations Made in Layered Soils
OSHA Excavation Decision Chart
Timber Trench Shoring
Load-Carrying Capacities of Soils
A Wellpoint System Depressing the Water Table

Concrete and Masonry

Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete
Recommended Water/Cement Ratio for Different Applications and Conditions
Approximate Relative Strength of Concrete as Affected by Type of Cement
Volume of Concrete Mixtures
Specific Gravities and Unit Weights
Water Usage
Recommended Proportions for Flat Concrete Work
Mixing Small Amounts of Concrete
Recommended Proportions of Water to Cement
Effect on Final Cure Strength of Concrete When the Cement/Water Ratio is Changed
Materials Required for Small Quantities of Concrete
Ingredients Required for 100 Sq. Ft. of Concrete
Approximate Quantities of Materials Required for Making One Cubic Yard of Concrete
Compressive Strength in Proportion to Water Volume
The Effect of Cement/Water Ratios
Requirements for Various Types of
Concrete Masonry Units
Allowable Slump for Various Concrete Applications
Recommended Concrete Temperature for Cold Weather Construction
Recommended Duration of Protection for Concrete Placed in Cold Weather
Curing Methods
Relative Final Strength of Concrete at Various Temperatures
Water Content at Various Temperature Changes
Effect of Water and Aggregate Temperature
Cross-Section End View of a Simple Block Wall
Standard Sizes and Shapes of Concrete Blocks
Anchoring Sills and Plates to Concrete Block Walls
Installation of Electrical Switches and Outlet Boxes in Concrete Block Walls
Allowable Height and Minimum Nominal Thickness for Concrete Masonry Bearing Walls
Installing Ventilating and Heating Ducts in Concrete Block Walls
Cubic Yards of Concrete in Slabs
Pigments for Colored Concrete Floor Finish
Lintel Sizes
Nominal Brick Sizes
How Various Bricks Are Used in Overlap Bonding
Amount of Brick and Mortar Needed for Various Wall Sizes
Number of Concrete Blocks by Length of Wall
Material Quantities per Cubic Foot of Mortar
Number of Courses of Concrete Blocks by Height of Wall
Mortar Joints
Ratio of Cement, Lime and Sand for Various Mortar Mixes
Recommended Mortar Mixes
Cubic Feet of Mortar for Collar Joints
Nominal Modular Sizes of Structural Load-Bearing Tile
Materials Used for Hollow Clay Tile Walls
Nonmodular Brick and Mortar, Single Wythe Walls, Running Bond
Materials Needed for End Construction Using Hollow Tile
Modular Brick and Mortar, Single Wythe Walls, Running Bond
Details for Employing Brick Veneer
Size of Flue Linings
Number of Brick for Chimneys
Chimney Clearance
Standard Sizes of Modular Clay Flue Linings
Cross-Section Drawings of Driveway Designs
Glass Block Quantities
Concrete Slabs, Walks and Driveways
Driveway With a 1" Crown
Cross-Section of Single-Car Level Driveway
Approximate Weight and Strength of Stone
Mortar for Glass Block
Foundation and Wall Thicknesses
Reinforcing Bar Numbers and Dimensions
Hook Dimensions Bending of Reinforcing Bars


Fastener Applications
Drywall Screws
Nail Sizes and Approximate Number per Pound
Lumber Product Classification
Converting Linear Feet to Board Feet
Board Footage
Softwood Lumber Classifications and Grades
Standard Lumber Sizes/Nominal, Dressed
Nailing Schedule
Size, Height and Spacing of Wood Studs
Number and Spacing of Wood Joists for Any Floor
Built-up Wood Header Double or Triple on Two 4" x 4" Posts
Allowable Spans for Headers Under Different Load Conditions
Steel Plate Header on Two 4" x 4" Posts
Stair Parts and Terms
Dimensions for Straight Stairs
Dimensions for Stairs with Landings
Stair Risers, Treads and Dimensions
Standard Door Opening Sizes
Allowable Clear Spans for Various Sizes and Species of Joists
Lengths of Common Rafters
Types of Roof Trusses and Overhangs
Rafter Layout Terms
Allowable Uniform Loads for W Steel Beams
Load Limits for Wood Girders
Sound Insulation of Double Walls
Fire Retardation and Sound Transmission Rating
Door and Frame Selector (Type of Door Frame)
Details of Metal Wall Construction Using Metal Studs and Tracks
Details for Intersections and Jambs – Metal Wall Construction
Plywood Marking
Plywood Grades and Usage
Softwood Plywood Veneer Grades
Exposed Plywood Panel Siding
Allowable Spans for Exposed Particleboard Panel Siding
Allowable Spans for Particleboard Subfloor and Combined Subfloor-Underlayment
Allowable Spans for Plywood Combination Subfloor-Underlayment
Classification of Softwood Plywoods Rates Species for Strength and Stiffness
Optimum Spacing of Spring Clips for Ceiling


Typical Asphalt Rolls
Typical Asphalt Shingles
Heating Temperatures of Asphalt
Nailer Spacing
Nailer Spacing for Various Roof Types
Recommended Nail Sizes
Design of Gutter Systems
Dimensions of Standard Leaders
Shingle Coverage
Shingle Exposure
Attachment of Tiles to Sheathing
Lath Spacing and Slate Length
Taper Sizes
Exposure for Sloping Roofs
Shake Coverage
Shingle Fasteners
Average Weight of Slate per Square
Schedule for Standard 3⁄16" Thick Slate
Construction Techniques for Roof Ventilation
Free Area Ventilation Guide
Plywood Roof Decking
Hip-and-Valley Conversions
Conversion Table – Horizontal to Slope Areas
Roof Dead Loads

Drywall and Plaster

Frame Spacing for Drywall Construction
Maximum Fastener Spacing – Drywall
Drying Time for Joint Compound Under Tape
Allowable Carrying Loads for Anchor Bolts
Mixing Plaster
CHAPTER 7 – Flooring and Tile
Hardwood Flooring Grades
Hardwood Flooring Grades, Sizes, Counts and Weights
Nail Chart for Application of Strip Flooring
Cutaway View Showing Various Layers of Material Under Strip Flooring
Adhesive for Resilient Floor Tile
Estimating Material for Floor Tile
Construction Details of a Full-Bed Tile Floor Installation
Thin-Bed Tile Wall Installation Details
Full-Mortar-Bed Tile Details Over a Vitreous Solid Wall
Full-Mortar-Bed on Wood Studs for Wall Tile

Painting and Finishing

Approximate Paint Requirements for Interiors and Exteriors
Drying Times of Coatings
Exterior Paint Selection Chart
Comparison of Paint Binders' Principal Properties
Single-Roll Wallpaper Requirements

Plan Symbols

Architectural Symbols
Plumbing Piping
Heating Piping
Air Conditioning Piping
Piping Symbols
Fire Protection Piping Symbols
Plumbing Fixture Symbols
Material Indication Symbols
Landscape Systems and Graphics
Materials Symbols
Window and Door Symbols
Drawing Conventions and Symbols


Abbreviations and Symbols

Conversion Factors

Commonly Used Conversion Factors
Conversion Table for Temperature – °F/°C
Decibel Levels of Sounds
Sound Awareness and Safety
Hearing Protection Levels
Trigonometric Formulas – Right Triangle
Trigonometric Formulas – Oblique Triangles
Trigonometric Formulas – Shapes
Common Engineering Units and Their Relationship
Decimal Equivalents of Fractions
Commonly Used Geometrical Relationships
About the Author

384 Pages - 4 x 6 in.


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