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DeWALT Electrical Estimating Professional Pocket Reference

DEWALT Electrical Estimating Professional Reference, 2E


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Electrical Estimating Professional Reference

2nd Edition

The Pocket-Size Reference Guide for Professional Electrical Estimating

by Paul Rosenberg, Adam Ding and American Contractors Educational Services

The DEWALT Electrical Estimating Professional Reference Second Edition is a practical guide for electricians to successfully estimate and bid jobs anywhere.

Based on real-life experience from the angle of a professional electrical estimator, this detailed book covers every step of the process from pre-bid to the contract being awarded, and everything in between.

This reference guide is the perfect tool for professional building and technical trade contractors, service technicians, maintenance personnel, plant managers, engineers, designers, and architects.

Some of the topics that are covered include:

  • estimating forms
  • bid worksheets
  • quantity take-off checklists
  • proposal inclusions and exclusions
  • marketing techniques
  • job negotiations
  • suggested man-hours
  • estimating data tables
  • and much more

About the Authors:

Paul Rosenberg is contributing editor for Power Outlet Magazine, past president of the Fiber Optic Association and teaches electrical engineering courses for Iowa State University. He has written more than thirty textbooks and manuals in addition to the DeWALT series of pocket reference books. He has an extensive background in the electrical contracting industry serving as a supervisor, estimator, project manager, designer, and an independent contractor with numerous licenses and professional certifications.

Paul wrote the first ever installation standard for optical fiber (ANSINEIS- 301), as well as a Raceway Installation standard and was awarded a patent for a power transmission module. From 1991 through 1998, Mr. Rosenberg served as special features editor of Electrical Contractor Magazine and has also served as contributing editor to Electrical Distributor Magazine and the Electronic and Low Voltage Newsletter. He has designed and conducted training programs for NECA and Fiber U while continuing to lecture at industry events throughout the United States.

Adam Ding received his Master's Degree in Building Construction from Auburn University, AL and is a member of the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors. He is a Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS).

American Contractors Educational Services has successfully prepared candidates for state required licensing exams since 1991. A team of full time instructors comprises field experience, training expertise and formal education to formulate an effective and dynamic approach to concisely present pertinent test information in a seminar format.

Table of Contents:

CHAPTER 1 Itemized Estimating

Steps in Itemized Estimating
Figure 1.1 Prebid Information
Figure 1.2 Question List for Preparing Estimate
Figure 1.3 Takeoff of Wiring Devices
Figure 1.4 Feeder Schedule
Figure 1.5 Wire and Raceway Takeoff
Figure 1.6 Pricing Sheet
Figure 1.7 A Completed Pricing Sheet
Figure 1.8 Bid Summary Sheet
Installation Labor Units
Assembly Estimating
Installation Labor Units
GRC Conduit
GRC Elbows 45° and 90°
GRC Couplings
IMC Conduit
Installation Labor Units (cont.)
IMC Elbows 45° and 90°
EMT Conduit
EMT Elbows 45° and 90°
EMT Connectors Set Screw Type
EMT Couplings Set Screw Type
EMT Connectors Compression Type
EMT Couplings Compression Type
PVC Conduit
PVC Elbows 45° and 90°
PVC Couplings
PVC Male and Female Adaptors
PVC Spacers
Aluminum Rigid Conduit
ARC Elbows 45° and 90°
ARC Couplings
Chase Nipples
Offset Nipples
Pulling Elbows
Service Head Clamp Type
Installation Labor Units (cont.)
Condulets LB, LL, LR, C and E Types
Condulets T and X Types
Condulet Covers
Seal-Off Fittings
3-Piece Couplings
Bushings (Terminations)
Conduit Straps (including fastener)
Clamp Backs
Steel Boxes and Parts
Masonry Boxes
Cast Boxes
Junction Boxes
Miscellaneous Items
Channeling Reinforced Concrete
Cutting Holes in Masonry
Installation Labor Units (cont.)
Cord Strain Relief Grips
Core Drilling
Channeling Brick
Distribution Panels
Motor Control Centers
600-V Circuit Breakers
480-V Panelboards
Load Centers
Transformers Dry Type
Transformer Vibration Isolators
Motor Starters
Combo Starters
Disconnect Switches NEMA 1, 12 and 3R
Disconnect Switches NEMA 4 and 5
Conduit Entries
Installation Labor Units (cont.)
Lighting Contactors
Copper Feeder Bus Duct
Copper Plug-In Bus Duct
Copper Bus Duct Elbows
Copper Bus Duct End Closures
Copper Bus Duct Tap Boxes
Copper Bus Duct Circuit Breaker Adaptors
Aluminum Feeder Bus Duct
Aluminum Plug-In Bus Duct
Aluminum Bus Duct Elbows
Aluminum Bus Duct End Closures
Aluminum Bus Duct Tap Boxes
Aluminum Bus Duct
Circuit Breaker Adaptors
Miscellaneous Distribution and Control Items
Time Clocks
Photo Cells
Copper Wire Types THHN, THW, XHHW, etc
Aluminum Wire Types THHN, THW, XHHW, etc
Low Voltage Cables
Installation Labor Units (cont.)
5000-V Copper Wire
15,000-V Copper Wire
Building Wire Cables
Light Fixtures (lamp included)
Wiring Devices
Trim Plates
Greenfield and Sealtite
Greenfield Connectors Straight
Greenfield Connectors 90°
Sealtite Connectors Straight
Sealtite Connectors 90°
Signaling Systems
Emergency Generators
Automatic Transfer Switches 3-Pole
Flat Conductor Cable and Parts
Heaters and Heating Devices
Residential (Romex) Cable
Residential Items and Devices

CHAPTER 2 Unit Pricing

Concepts of Unit Pricing
Figure 2.1 Completed Estimate
Sheet for Duplex Receptacle (Commercial)
Estimate Sheets for Commercial Work
Figure 2.2 Duplex Receptacle
Figure 2.3 Single-Pole Switch
Figure 2.4 Three-Way Switch
Figure 2.5 Two-by-Four Lay-In Fixture
Figure 2.6 Bathroom Light
Figure 2.7 Emergency Light
Figure 2.8 Phone Stub
Figure 2.9 Three-Phase Rooftop Unit
Figure 2.10 200 Amp, Three-Phase
Overhead Service
Estimate Sheets for Residential Work
Figure 2.11 Duplex Receptacle
Figure 2.12 Ground-Fault Interrupter Receptacle
Figure 2.13 20 Amp Outlet
Figure 2.14 Dryer Outlet
Figure 2.15 Water Heater
Estimate Sheets for Residential Work (cont.)
Figure 2.16 Air Conditioning Unit
Figure 2.17 Air Handling Unit/Heater
Figure 2.18 Range Outlet
Figure 2.19 Single-Pole Switch
Figure 2.20 Light Fixture Outlet
Figure 2.21 Bath Exhaust Fan
Figure 2.22 Double Floodlight
Figure 2.23 Well Pump
Figure 2.24 Telephone Outlet
Figure 2.25 Door Chime and Push Button
Figure 2.26 150 Amp
Overhead Service

CHAPTER 3 Technology

Labor Units
Technology Estimating
Computer Labor Units
Computer Rooms
Computer Grounding
Computer Power
Electronics Labor Units
Fiber Optics
TV Systems
Sound Systems
Signaling Systems
Fire Alarms
Security Systems
Energy Storage
Building Automation
Programmable Controllers

CHAPTER 4 Technology Unit

Pricing Forms
Security System, House
Security System, Large House
Security System, Apartment
Wireless Security System, House
Wireless Security System, Apartment
Passive Infrared Sensor
Surface Mount Glass-Break Detector
Access Control, Small Office
Window Screen Sensor
Access Control, Office Building
CCTV Monitoring #1
CCTV Monitoring #2
Security Camera
Home Sound System
Built-in Speaker
Home Theatre System
Home Intercom #1
Home Intercom #2
Video Door System
Intercom Station
Fire Alarm #1
Fire Alarm #2
Pull Station
Smoke Detector
Duct Detector
Fiber Termination #1
Fiber Termination #2
Zone Control System.
Ceiling Fan

CHAPTER 5 Algebraic Estimating

Algebraic Estimating
Light Fixtures
Distribution Equipment
Special Systems
Consistent Relationships
The Takeoff
Job Review
Light Fixture Takeoff
Switchgear Takeoff
Area Takeoff
Special Systems Estimating
Final Review
Special Systems
Integrating Labor and Materials
Job Cost
Other Adjustments
Overhead and Profit
Jobs Data File
Figure 5.1 Calculation Sheet
Figure 5.2 Total Job Coefficient
Figure 5.3 Special Systems Adjustment
Figure 5.4 Inflation and Labor Adjustment
Figure 5.5 Integrated Multiplier
Figure 5.6 Job Cost Adjustment
Figure 5.7 Overhead and Profit Adjustment
Figure 5.8 Bid Sheet
Figure 5.9 Jobs Data Sheet
About the Author

384 Pages - 4 x 6 in.


Cost Guides & Cost Data
Electrical Related
Electrical Exam Prep
2017 NEC and Related
2014 NEC and Related

2011 NEC and Related
more in DeWALT Series
LV, CATV Related
Electrical Theory
Electrical Calculations
Electrical Estimating
Construction Related
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