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DeWalt Plumbing Professional Pocket Reference
Softcover - 384 Pages
 Pocket-Size: 4 x 6 in.

DEWALT Plumbing Professional Reference



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DEWALT Plumbing Professional Reference

The Reference Guide for the Plumbing Industry

The DEWALT Plumbing Professional Reference is a compact yet powerful resource tool for anyone working with plumbing systems.

This book covers everything you need including how to size pipe and fittings, calculate water demand, find installation requirements and specifications, design and install drainage and sewer systems, size hot water heaters and pumps, review excavating guidelines to help get the job done right.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1—Pipes, Fittings and Valves

Common Plumbing Measurement Terms
Heavy Fluid Support Multipliers
Plastic Pipe
Plastic Pipe Dimensions and Weights
PVC Pipe Support Spacing in Feet
Steel Pipe Dimensions and Weights
Pipe Threading Dimensions (NPT)
Steel Pipe Support Spacing in Feet
Copper Plumbing Pipe and Tubing
Copper Plumbing Pipe and Tubing Dimensions and Weights
Copper Plumbing Pipe and Tubing Length
Roll Groove Specifications for Copper Tubing
Standard Cut Groove Specifications
Linear Expansion of Piping
Fitting Diagrams
PVC Schedule 40 Fitting Dimensions
Lift Check Valve Dimensions
Swing Check Valve Dimensions
Bronze Gate Valve Dimensions
Angle and Globe Valve Dimensions
Dimensions of Ferrous Valves in Inches
Quarter Bend and Sanitary T-Branch Fitting Dimensions and Weights
Welding Fitting Dimensions in Inches
Steel-Welded Fitting Dimensions in Inches
Stainless Steel Fitting Dimensions in Inches
Stainless Steel Flanged Fitting Dimensions in Inches
Lightweight Flange Dimensions in Inches
Cast Iron Flange Dimensions in Inches
Iron Soil Pipe Fitting Dimensions in Inches

Chapter 2—Pipefitting

Measuring Length of Pipe in Bends
Finding Length of Pipe in Standard Bends
Setback and Length of Pipe Bends
Setback and length of 22 ˝ °Bends
Setback and Length of 22 ˝ °Bends with Radii from 1 to 72 Inches
Setback and length of 30° Bends
Setback and Length of 30°Bends with Radii from 1 to 72 inches
Setback and Length of 60° Bends
Setback and Length of 60° Bends with Radii from 1 to 72 inches
Setback and Length of 90°
Setback and Length of 90° Bends with Radii from 1 to 27 Inches
22 ˝ ° Offset Bends
22 ˝ ° Offset Bends for Two or More Pipes with Equal Spread
22 ˝ ° Offset Travel and run dimensions
30° Offset Bends
30°Offset Bends for Two or more Pipes with Equal Spread
30° Offset Travel and Run Dimensions
45° Offset Bends
45°Offset Bends for two or more Pipes with Equal spread
45°Offset Travel and Run Dimensions
60°Offset Bends
60°Offset Bends for Two or More Pipes with Equal Spread
60°Offset Travel and Run Dimensions
90° Offset Bends for two or more pipes with equal spread
Continuous Bend Offsets
180° Crossover Bend
Additional 180° Bends
210° Single Offset Quarter Bend
240° Crossover bend
270°Single Offset U-bend
300°Single Offset U-Bend
360°Double Offset and Expansion U-Bends
540° Expansion U-Bend
Bending Pipe around a Circle
Minimum Bending Radius for Steel and Wrought Iron Pipe
Basic Offset Connections
Basic Offset Connections for Two or More Pipes with Equal Spread
Rolling Offset
Various Two-Pipe 90° Turns with Equal Spread
Screwed Pipe Coils Inside or Outside of Round Tanks
Mitering Pipe
3-piece 45° Welded Turn
3-piece 45° Welded Turn Dimensions
3-piece 60°Welded Turn
3-piece 60°Welded Turn Dimensions
3-piece 90°Welded Turn
3-piece 90° Welded Turn Dimensions
4-piece 90° Welded Turn
4-piece 90° Welded Turn Dimensions
Mitering Pipe around a circle
90° Bracket Construction with Diagonal Leg at any Angle
Length of Equal Segments for the Circumference of Various Schedule 40 Steel Pipe Sizes
Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 3 – Design Data

Water Basics
Metric Liquid Volume Equivalents
Metric Length Equivalents
Metric Pressure Conversions
Air Pressure
Absolute Zero
Water Formulas
Boiling Points of Water at Sea level
Weight of Water in Pounds
Pipe Contents
Flow-Rate Conversions
Flow-Rate Equivalents
Water Demand at Individual Outlets
Average Water Flow per Fixture
Branch Piping for Fixtures
Service and Distribution Pipe Sizing (46 to 60 psi)
Minimum Size for Fixture Supply
Individual, Branch and Circuit Vent Sizing for Horizontal Drain Pipes
Determining Size and Lengths of Vent Stacks
Vent Stack and Stack Vent Sizing
Wet-Vent Stack Sizing
Wet Stack Vent Sizing
Vent Size
Trap-to-Vent distances
Trap Sizes
Sizing Copper and Galvanized Steel Service Pipe
Hot Water Demand per Fixture in Gallons per Hour at 140°F
Recommended Maximum Requirements for Hot Water per day in gallons at 140°F
Recommended Hot Water Temperatures
Minimum Recommended Hot Water Storage Tank Capacity—Residential
Storage Tank Dimensions with Capacities in Gallons
Natural Gas Pipe Capacities in CFM
Approximate Gas Demand for Common Appliances
Troubleshooting –Water Heaters
Troubleshooting—Electric Water heaters
Troubleshooting—Gas Water Heaters
Pressure Loss Due to Friction in Copper Tube
Water Friction Tables for Copper Tubing
Water Friction Tables for Steel Pipe
Weir Discharge Volume Rate in GPM
Nozzle Discharge Rates in GPM
Horizontal Pipe Discharge Rate in GPM
Vertical Pipe Discharge Rate in GPM
Oakum and Lead Requirements for Caulked Joints Per N.P.S.
Length of Wiped Joints
Flange Union Gaskets
Hanger Rod Sizes
Melting Points (F)
Minimum Grade Fall

Chapter 4 – Drainage Systems

Drainage System Materials and Usage
Sanitary Drainage and Waste Systems
Vent Pips for Drainage and Waste Systems
Storm Drainage Systems
Chemical Waste and Acid Systems
Typical Sewage Flow
Soil Absorption Capacity/Leaching Area
Septic Tanks, Single-Family Residences
Septic Tanks, Multi-Family Residences
Capacity of Septic Tank per Total Fixtures
Drainfield Conversion
Septic Tank Diagram
Distribution Box Diagram
Leaching Field Diagram
12 Inch Stone Leaching Cesspool Diagram
Pump Tank Diagram for a Sand Mound
Sand Mound Diagram
Sand Mound Septic System Diagram
Location of Sewage Disposal System Measured in Feet
Drain and Trap Sizes for Fixture Units
Maximum Number of Fixture Units Allowed for Connection to any part of the Building Drain or Sewer per the Given Fall
Maximum Unit Loading and Length of Drainage and Vent Piping
Flow and Pipe Size per Number of Plumbing Fixtures
Sizing Horizontal Storm Drains
Sizing Vertical Rainwater Leaders

Chapter 5 – Pumps

Net Positive Suction Head
Water Pressure in Pounds per Square Inch with Equivalent Feet heads
Water Feet Head to Pounds per Square Inch
Air pressure in Pounds per Square inch
General Pump Formlas
Specific Gravity of Water
Determining Pump Motor Horsepower
Centrifugal Pump Specifications
Rotary Pump Specifications
Reciprocating Pump Specifications
Special Purpose Pump Specifications
Well Pump Characteristics
Submersible Pump Selection Guidelines
Troubleshooting – Jet Pumps
Troubleshooting – Submersible Pumps

Chapter 6 – Excavation

Soil Types
Terms Used in Grading
Maximum Allowable Slopes
Excavating Toward an Open Ditch
Sequence of Excavation in High Groundwater
Angle of Repose for Common Soil Types
Cone of Depression
Excavations made in type A Soil
Excavations made in type B Soil
Excavations made in type C Soil
Excavations made in Layered Soils
OSHA Excavation Decision Chart
Timber Trench Shoring
Load-Carrying Capacities of Soils
A wellpoint System Depressing the Water table

Chapter 7 --- General Construction and Safety

Drawing Scales
Wire Rope Characteristics for 6 strand by 19 wire type
Cable Clamps per Wire Rope Size
Wire Rope Slings – Straight Leg
Wire Rope Slings – Basket
Safe Loads for Shackles
Rope Characteristics
Manila Rope Slings – Straight Leg
Manila Rope Slings – Basket
Standard Hand Signals for Controlling Crane Operations
Eye and Face protectors
Eye protection recommendations
Filter Lens Shade Numbers for Protection Against Radiant Energy
Selecting Respirators by Hazard
Permissible Noise Exposures
Minimum Illumination Intensities in Foot-Candles
Types of Fire Extinguishers
Extension Cord Sizes for Portable Tools

Chapter 8 – Materials and Tools

Wrenches for Use with Various Pipe Sizes
Band Saw Teeth pre inch and speed
Recommended Drilling Speeds in RPM
Standard Taps and Dies in Inches
Taps and Dies – Metric Conversions
Types of Soldering Flux
Hard Solder Alloys
Soft Solder Alloys
Properties of Welding Gases
Welding Rods 00 36” Long
Metalworking Lubricants
Torque Lubrication Effects in Foot-pounds
Tightening Torque in Pound-Feet-Screw Fit
Screw Torques
Sheet Metal Screw Characteristics
Standard Wood Screw Characteristics
Allen Head and Machine Screw Bolt and Torque Characteristics
Hex Head Bolt and Torque Characteristics
Whitworth Hex Head Bolt and Torque Characteristics
Metric Hex Head Bolt and Torque Characteristics
Pulley and Gear Formulas
Standard “V” Belt Lengths in Inches

Chapter 9 – Conversion Factors

Commonly Used Conversion Factors
Pounds per Square foot to Kilopascals
Pounds per square inch to Kilopascals
Decimal Equivalents of Fractions
Conversion Table for Temperature -°F/°C
Trigonometric Formulas – Right Triangle
Trigonometric Formulas – Oblique Triangles
Trigonometric Formulas – Shapes
Common Engineering Units and Their Relationship
Commonly Used geometrical relationships

Chapter 10 – Symbols and Abbreviations

Pipe Legend Color Coding
Pipe Legend Sizing in Inches
Specialties and Miscellaneous
Fire Protection
Understanding Plan Symbols
Architectural Symbols
Drawing Conventions and Symbols

Chapter 11- Glossary

384 Pages - 4 x 6 in.

0977000311 / 9780977000319

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