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DeWALT Wiring Diagrams Professional Pocket Reference
Softcover - 384 Pages
 Pocket-Size: 4 x 6 in.

DEWALT Wiring Diagrams Professional Reference



DEWALT Wiring Quick Check
DEWALT Wiring Quick Check

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DEWALT Wiring Diagrams Professional Reference

The Reference Guide for Electrical Wiring Installations
by Paul Rosenberg

Filled with hundreds of diagrams and illustrations that are clear and easy to find, Three-Way Switch Circuit Operating One Lighting Outlet from 2 LocationsWiring Diagrams Professional Reference covers outlets, switches, lighting, motors and controls, power distribution, transformers, grounding, low voltage and hazardous locations, plus much more! Basic wiring guidelines and specifications are also included to make this as valuable a tool as wire cutters.

About the Author:

Paul Rosenberg is contributing editor for Power Outlet Magazine, past president of the Fiber Optic Association and teaches electrical engineering courses for Iowa State University.
He has written more than thirty textbooks and manuals in addition to the DeWALT series of pocket reference books. Junction Box CalculationsHe has an extensive background in the electrical contracting industry serving as a supervisor, estimator, project manager, designer, and an independent contractor with numerous licenses and professional certifications.

Paul wrote the first ever installation standard for optical fiber (ANSINEIS- 301), as well as a Raceway Installation standard and was awarded a patent for a power transmission module. From 1991 through 1998, Mr. Rosenberg served as special features editor of Electrical Contractor Magazine and has also served as contributing editor to Electrical Distributor Magazine and the Electronic and Low Voltage Newsletter. He has designed and conducted training programs for NECA and Fiber U while continuing to lecture at industry events throughout the United States.


CHAPTER 1 – General Wiring, Lighting and Hazardous Locations

Family Room Receptacle Outlet SpacingOhm’s Law Diagram and Formulas
Power Diagram and Formulas
AC/DC Formulas for Calculating Amps, Horsepower, Kilowatts and kVA
Circuit Characteristics
Permissible Bends
Back-to-Back Bending
Offset and Saddle Bends
Grounding a Typical Residential Wiring SystemBending Stub-Ups
Pull and Connection Points
Wire-Bending Space
Junction Box Calculations
Conductor Volume Allowance
Box Fill
Enclosures in Wet Locations
Grounded Conductor Color Code
Grouped Conductors
Paralleled Conductors
Conductor Color Code
Power Wiring Color Code
Power-Transformer Color Code
Basic Grounded Conductor Rules
Minimum Size Conductors for Grounding Raceway and EquipmentDual-Voltage 3-Phase Wye-Connected Motors
Underground Installation Requirements
Minimum Cover Requirements for Underground Installations
Family Room Receptacle Outlet Spacing
Family Room with Split-Wired Receptacles and Switched Circuit
Countertop Receptacle Outlet Spacing
Kitchen Receptacles
Bathroom Receptacles
Wet Bar Receptacles
Crawl Space Receptacles
Unfinished Basement Receptacles
Garage/Shop Receptacles
Outdoor Receptacles
Isolated Ground Receptacle
GFCI Wiring Diagrams
Wiring Diagrams for NEMA ConfigurationsGround Rod Testing
Wiring Diagrams for Switches
Wiring Diagram of Split-Wired Receptacles and Switched Circuit
Single Pole Switch Circuit
Single Pole Operating a Light with Additional Independent Receptacle
Double-Gang Switch – Each Controls a Light
Double-Gang Switch – One Controls Receptacle, One Controls Light
Three-Way Switches
Three- and Four-Way Switches
Three-Way Switch Circuit Operating One Outlet
Three-Way Switch Circuit Operating One Outlet From Two Locations
Three-Way Switch Circuit Operating Multiple Outlets
Wiring Diagram for Operating Lights from Four Locations
Preheat Circuits
Rapid-Start Circuits
Classifications of Hazardous Locations
Standard and Optional Hazardous Location Systems
Division 1 Examples
Explosionproof Reducers
Conduit Seals
Dispensing Equipment Conduit Seals
Fuel Dispenser Hazardous Areas
Service Station Hazardous Areas
Dispensing Equipment Disconnecting Means
Hazardous Locations – Commercial Garages
Hazardous Locations – Pits
Hazardous Locations – Storage Tanks
Hazardous Locations – Vertical Tanks
Hazardous Locations – Vent Pipes
Hazardous Locations – Ventilation

CHAPTER 2 – Low Voltage

Low-Voltage Circuits
Low-Voltage Remote Control Circuit with Several Switches Controlling a Receptacle Outlet
Remote Control Circuit from Various Locations Operating Two Different Circuits from the Same Switches
Remote Control Circuit Controlling Three Separate Circuits with Outlets
Common Low-Voltage Relay Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram for a Nine Point Selector Switch
Bell Circuit for One Door
Bell Controlled from Several Locations
Return Call Bell System
Return Call Bell System Utilizing Double Contact Push-Button Switches
Central Chime for Two Doors
Three Tone Door Signal Systems
Two Parallel-Wired Chimes
Chime System with House Number Light and Transformer
Closed Circuit Intruder Alarm
Open Circuit Intruder Alarm
Intruder Alarm Circuit with Annunciator and Relay
Unbalanced Audio Output
Balanced Audio Output
Intercom System with Two Remotes and One Master Unit
Basic Annunciator Wiring Diagram
Sequence System for Thermal Power Relays
Residential Powerline Carrier System Using Normal Electric Circuits as Communication Lines
Residential Hard-Wired Control System
Common Telephone Connections
Color Coding of Cables
Standard Telecom Color Coding
Modular Jack Styles
Common Wiring Configurations
25-Pair Color Coding/ISDN Contact Assignments
Common Unshielded Twisted Pair Data and Voice Wiring Schemes
Data and Voice Wiring Diagrams
ISDN Assignment of Contact Numbers
Typical Wiring Methods
66 Block Wiring & Cable Color Coding
150-Pair PIC Cable Core Arrangement
Phantom Telephone Circuit
Standard DTMF Pad and Frequencies
EIA/TIA 568A Modular Pin Connections
Modular Pin Connections – Reversed Pair
Modular Pin Connections – Shorts and Opens
Modular Pin Connections – Split Pairs
Modular Pin Connections – Transposed or Crossed Pairs
Balanced Pair Transmission
Next (Near End Crosstalk)
Power Sum Next (Near End Crosstalk)
ACR (Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio)
Delay Skew
Neuron Chip Simplified Block Diagram
Neuron Chip Block Diagram
Basic HVAC Thermostat Circuit
HVAC Twin-Type Thermostat
HVAC Millivolt Control
Connections for a Stoker Installation
Connections for an Oil Burner Installation
Damper-Control Low-Voltage Installation
Gas Burner Controls
Illustrating a Gas-Burner Installation
Electric Heating Unit Diagrams
Compound Metal Thermostat and Circuit
Limit Switch Included in a Baseboard Heater

CHAPTER 3 – Grounding

Basic Grounding Connections
Minimum Sizes of Grounding Electrode Conductors for AC Systems
Resistivities of Various Soils
Adding Chemicals to Soil to Lower Ground Resistance
Ground-Rod Testing
Equipment Grounding Conductor
Grounded Conductor – Neutral
Grounded Conductor – Not Neutral
Grounding Different Types of Circuits
Voltage Relationship on Grounded 4-Wire Systems
Grounded Primary Distribution System
Grounding a Typical Overhead Electrical Service
Grounding a Typical Nonmetallic Underground Service Raceway
Grounding Electrode Systems
Grounding and Bonding a Typical Service Entrance
Proper Bonding of a Water Meter
Ufer Ground
Grounding an Outdoor Antenna
Grounding Separately Derived Systems in Multiple Floor Buildings
Main Bonding Jumpers
Bonding Service Equipment Methods
Bonding Jumpers for Grounding Equipment Conductor Raceways
Installing Equipment Bonding Jumpers
Grounding a Typical Residential Wiring System
Grounding a Typical Commercial Wiring System
Low Voltage Service
Grounding a Signal Loop
Dedicated Instrumentation System Ground Bus
Ground Loops May Develop in Non-Isolated Signal Loops
A Signal Isolator Blocks Unwanted DC Ground Current
Ground Fault Protection
Lightning and Surge Protection

CHAPTER 4 – Motors and Controls

Delta-Wound Motor for Use on 240/480 Volts
Wye-Wound Motor for Use on 240/480 Volts
Split-Phase Motors
Split-Phase Motor Rotation
Single-Voltage, 3f, Wye-Connected Motor
Single-Voltage, 3f, Delta-Connected Motor
Dual-Voltage, 3f, Wye-Connected Motors
Dual-Voltage, 3f, Delta-Connected Motors
Star-Connected, Polyphase Motor
Reversing Three-Phase Motors
Two-Phase, AC Motors
Connections for a Two-Speed, Constant Horsepower, One Winding Motor
Connections for a Two-Speed, Constant Torque, One Winding Motor
Connections for a Two-Speed, Variable Torque, One Winding Motor
Capacitor-Start-Capacitor-Run Motor
Reversing a Capacitor-Start Motor
Capacitor-Start Motor Voltage Connections
Two-Speed Capacitor Motor
Wound-Rotor Motor Schematic
Reversing Split-Phase Motors
Typical Motor Starter Diagram
Step-Down Transformer Motor Control
Motor Control Circuits
DC Series-Wound Motor
DC Shunt-Wound Motor
DC Compound-Wound Motor
DC Motor Connections
DC Motor Control Circuits

CHAPTER 5 – Transformers

Single-Phase Transformer Circuits
Single-Phase Transformer Connections
Two-Phase Transformer Connections
Three-Phase AC Circuits
Three-Phase Transformer Connections
Current Transformer
Testing a Transformer for Polarity
Current-Voltage Relationship Between High Side and Low Side of a Transformer
Split-Coil Transformer and an Additive-Polarity Transformer
Secondary Ties
Loads Connected Between Transformer Supply Points
Prohibited Connections on High-Voltage Lighting Transformers
Permissible Connection on High-Voltage Lighting Transformers
Tap Circuits Not Over 25 Feet Long
Transformer Feed Taps Not Over 25 Feet Long
Autotransformer Dimmer Circuit
Autotransformer Voltage Booster
Autotransformer Connections
Star-Delta Connected
Delta-Delta Connected
Star-Star Connected

CHAPTER 6 – Power Distribution

Multiwire System Voltages
4-Wire Circuits
High-Leg of 4-Wire Delta System
Phase Arrangement for Three-Phase Bus Bars
3-Wire Circuits
Branch Circuits
Branch Circuit Grounding
Circuit Breakers
Overcurrent Protection
Current and Voltage Transformer Connections
Tap Circuit
Minimum Service-Drop Clearance
Service Drop Attached to a Building or Other Structure
Service Lateral Extending from Point A to Point B
Principal Parts of an Electrical Service
Underground Service Conduit to Sidewalk Hand Hole and Underground Service Conductors
Bonding Flexible Metal Conduit in a Service Entrance
Pole-Mounted Service-Entrance Equipment for Mobile Home Use with the Feeder Cable Above Ground
Underground Service Lateral for Use with Mobile Home
Pole-Mounted Service-Entrance Equipment for Mobile Home Use with the Feeder Cable Buried
An Overhead Feeder-Cable Installation to Supply Power to a Mobile Home
120/240 V, 1f, 3-Wire Service
120/208 V, 3f, 4-Wire Service
120/240 V, 3f, 4-Wire Service
277/480 V, 3f, 4-Wire Service
200-Ampere Service with a 121⁄2 kVA Standby Alternator Arranged for Nonautomatic Switchover
Meter Diagrams
Let-Through Chart for a 1200A Class L Fuse
Single Low-Tension, Double High-Tension Bus
Single High-Tension Bus
Double-Bus System with the Tie Bus in Dotted Line
Double-Bus, Double-Circuit Breaker System
Ring-Bus System
A Typical “H” System
System Using Single Low- and Single High-Tension Bus
Bus System Using Double Buses and Double Circuit Breakers
Arrangement When Station Is At a Distance From the Lead Center
Old Switchboard Being Fed From New Switchboard
Spare-Bus, Spare-Circuit-Breaker System
Double-Bus and Single-Circuit-Breaker System
Typical Large Commercial Building Service
Large Distribution System with Two Utility Feeds
Large Distribution System with Four Utility Feeds
ATS Arrangement with Solid Neutral
ATS Arrangement with Switched-Neutral
Isolation Transformer Installed in the Bypass Source
Bypass Source

384 Pages - 4 x 6 in.


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LV, CATV Related
Electrical Theory
Electrical Calculations
Electrical Estimating
Construction Related
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