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Volts' Printout Summary

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Volts' Printout Summary
also see Table below

Circuit Load Analysis Report Writer's Printout Circuit Load Analysis Report Writer's Printout
The circuit load analysis module's report writer enables five (5) different reports to be customized to your requirements from a list of column header information fields. Once setup, the different reports can be quickly changed from the Report main menu section. Information column headers include; volts (rated), volts (actual), HP (rated) HP (actual), Z Device, R/Z Wire, NEC® Table, Power & Efficiency Factors, etc. Printing of line colors in these reports is also optional to suit your requirements.
Panel Schedule Printout Panel Schedule Printout
The Panel Schedule iterates through the generated circuit from the circuit load module, collecting and calculating information pertaining to all entered panels (total lines). From high and low voltages to the required circuit breaker for all devices and panels, 14 items of panel box information is displayed along with the calculated circuit breaker for each device per NEC® 430.32 with automatic adjustments for motors and transformers. The circuit breakers are then laid out and displayed in an electrical panel, with description, size, amperage, volts and current type identifications.
Feeder Schedule Printout Feeder Schedule Printout
This report accumulates and chronologically lists all the conductors, grounds, and neutrals utilized in the Panel Schedule along with the circuit number, circuit name, circuit breaker size, raceway type, distance of run or length of conductors, and the circuit's load in a user defined unit.
Load Summary Printout Load Summary Printout
The Load Summary Report accumulates all the panel and circuit information including device category load dispersion, largest motor, and continuous / non-continuous loads, along with total amperes, kilowatts, volt amps and kilovolt amps values.
Panel Layout Drawing Panel Layout Drawing
The panel layout can be printed in a drawing format complete with page borders and title block from the Panel Schedule module. From the Schedule Setup screen, your Company information, project information and additional notes can be added that is included in this drawing. Also, your company logo can be added to the left of the title block, resulting in a complete professional title block. The circuit breaker images can be printed in either outline, outline with back color, or photographic formats.
Panel Directory Printout Panel Directory Printout
In a 4in. x 5in. (101 x 127mm) format, the panel directory can also be printed from the Panel Schedule module. The directory printout includes the panel's description, circuit number, circuit description and the panel's line number.
One Line Riser Diagram Drawing One Line Riser Diagram Drawing
The one line riser diagram can be drawn from either the circuit load analysis' circuits or from the panel schedule modules' circuits (additional circuits can be added to a panel in the panel schedule module facilitating exits circuits). From the Schedule Setup screen, your Company information, project information and additional notes can be added that is included in this drawing. Also, your company logo can be added to the left of the title block, resulting in a complete professional title block. 
Conduits and Cables Schedule Printout Conduits and Cables Schedule Printout
This report accumulates all the conduits, cable trays and cables utilized in the circuit load analysis module. The individual conduits and cable trays are displayed along with their included conductor and ground wires, sizes, lengths and To and From destinations. The conductors' information includes conductor description, material, gauge, insulation type and its rated max. temperature along with its voltage and load. Cables which are either buried or suspended in free air are listed separately with their pertinent information and specifications.
Summaries Report Printout Summaries Report Printout
All similar conductors, cables, conduits and cable trays are combined and totaled with their gauge, insulation type, usage and totaled footage or meters. Conductors are segregated by conductor, ground, signal or intrinsic categories - in addition to voltage and phase. Conduits and cable trays are listed in similar sizes and combined required footage or meters. Additionally, required circuit breakers are listed to support the circuit load analysis' devices and panels along with their specifications. This report enacts the start of the circuits' job cost analysis.
Cable Tray Sizing Module Printout Cable Tray Sizing Module Printout
This printout includes a dimensioned drawing of the cable tray type utilized for the analysis, the applied NEC® specification used in its sizing, the tray's included cables and / or conductors and a list of statistical information pertaining to the cables such as: Largest cable diameter, sum of the diameters of all cables, cross sectional area of all cables, etc. It also includes a Comments section and the NEC® License Agreement.
Generator Sizing Module Report Printout Generator Sizing Module Report Printout
Acquired from the Generator Module, this report includes all entered devices and their respective; quantity, voltage, entered rated value and unit of value, amperes, kilowatts and kilovolt amps. This is the necessary information required to accurately size a generator based on its load.
Transformer Sizing Module Printout Transformer Sizing Module Printout
Along with a complete reporting of the required transformer's specifications, the Transformer report also lists the remaining kVA, percent of utilization and any applied derating factors involved in it's sizing computations.
Grounding and Bonding Requirements for Main Distribution Panel Form Grounding and Bonding Requirements for Main Distribution Panel Form
Also included both in the Panel Schedule Report and as a separate form, this printout coincides with NEC® 250-50(c), NEC® 250-54, NEC® 250-66(b), NEC® 250-70 and NEC® 250-80 grounding and bonding requirements.
Volts Notes Printout Volts Notes Printout
All project specific notes, diagrams, drawings and digital photographs can be put into Volts' integrated word processor, Volts Notes. Since the resulting file is saved in the worksheet's .elc file, these notes can be accessed and printed any time.
Resistor Color Code Printout Resistor Color Code Printout
This printout includes a graphical representation of the queried resistor and its corresponding values and tolerance.
Circuit Load Analysis Reports Printable Export to Excel Export to PDF Export to Bitmap Export to CAD DXF Export to CSV

PDF Example

Conduit and Cable Schedule




Conduit Fill and Conductor Detail   *

Feeder Schedule   *  

Grounding and Bonding @ MDP   *  
Material List   *
Motor Detail      
OCPD vs Conductor Size      

One Line Riser Diagram   *     
Panel Directory Card    
Panel Layout Drawing      
Panel Load Summary      
Panel Schedule   *  
Protection Time-Current Trip Curve        
Protection Device Overview      
Transformer Summary      
Voltage Drop Analysis w/Graphing      
Custom Reports      
Cable Identification Labels          
Panel Directory Labels          
Raceway Identification Labels          
Circuit Notes          
Volts Notes          
Analysis Modules Reports              
Unit Conversion          
Resistor Color Code        
Ohm's Law          
Motor Ampacity and Characteristics          
Series Voltage Drop      
Transformer Sizing      
Cable Tray Fill        
Conduit Fill        


Most report and schedule printouts include a user defined information header.
Depending on the report, the header could contain the following information fields:

Report Name


Prepared By

Company Name

File Name

Job Name

Job Number


Additionally, all reports can be printed on any personal or network printer from either ink jet or laser printers and in color or B&W. 

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