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Ideal Industries

Test-Tone-Trace VDV Kit  33-866

The IDEAL Test-Tone-Trace VDV Kit is an all-in-one cable testing solution for identifying wiring errors and locating cables in Voice/Data/Video (VDV) installations.

The VDV tester unit features an LCD screen to display Pass/Fail results and notification of wiring errors which require repairDesigned for use in LAN/Data Networks, Telephone, Audio/Video, Security and other general coax or twisted pair applications, this kit performs the essential cable testing functions required by installers and system technicians.

Whether testing new installations for proper wiring and termination or mapping locations of existing wiring and trying to find specific cable locations, this kit provides the core testing functions that are needed the most on the job.

The VDV tester unit features an LCD screen to display Pass/Fail results and notification of wiring errors which require repair. The VDV has dedicated built in F (coax), RJ-11 (phone, 6 position), and RJ-45 (data, 8 position) ports for testing the most common cables and infrastructure wiring used today.

The VDV includes a built in Tone Generator which has 4 distinct tones that can be used to trace coax, RJ-45 and RJ-11 cables, plus any de-energized copper cable including speaker wires, alarm cables, and electrical wires. For twisted pair cables, tones can be sent on individual wires, select pairs, or the entire cable. On coax, tones can be sent on the pin, the shield, or both at the same time.

The Amplifier Probe detects tone signals and gives audible verification that the generated signal is present. It can be used to find cable locations, trace cable pathways and to identify a single cable within a group of cables. It includes an adjustable volume control and a replaceable tip.

Also included in the 33-866 Kit:

The Amplifier Probe detects tone signals and gives audible verification that the generated signal is present.2 coax patch cables (F male to F male), coax adapters (F male to BNC female, F female to BNC female) for CCTV applications, (F male to RCA female, F female to RCA female) for A/V applications and an F-81 barrel splice, 2 RJ-45 patch cords, 2 RJ-11 patch cords, 1 RJ-11 to alligator clip (red/black) cable assembly, carrying case and instructions. 9V tester batteries are included.


  • Verify if new VDV installations are wired correctly
  • Troubleshoot existing VDV wiring installations
  • Locate hard to find cables
  • Test & Identify all common errors in modular plug/jack terminations that lead to slow/no connections: Shorts, Opens, Miswires, Split Pairs, and Reversals
  • Verify custom made cables for proper wiring and continuity (RJ-45, RJ-11, F, BNC, RCA)
  • Identify shielded and 568A to 568B uplink cables
  • Identify a single cable within a bunch of cables
  • Tone & Trace entire cables, select pairs, or individual wires within a cable

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Test Tone Trace VDV Kit  33-866

Test-Tone-Trace VDV Kit

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