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NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code Handbook 2012 Edition

NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code Handbook 2012 Ed


NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code
NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code

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NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code Handbook 2012 Edition

Author: Denise Beach

Interpret, apply, and enforce NFPA 54 with expert answers and support in the 2012 National Fuel Gas Code Handbook.

Fully updated and featuring new full-color photos, NFPA®'s 2012 National Fuel Gas Code Handbook explains technical NFPA 54 rules and fuel gas safety concepts -- so you’re prepared to answer questions from employees and owners; and verify fuel gas piping, appliance, and venting jobs are in compliance.

The only complete guide to the 2012 NFPA 54 Code, the Handbook is written by industry authorities including Franklin Switzer, Jr., President of S-afe, Inc., NFPA Senior Engineer Denise Beach, Paul Cabot of the American Gas Association, and John Roberts from Rimkus Consulting Group.

Only the official NFPA 54 Handbook combines:

  • Complete 2012 NFPA 54 text for convenient reference, including vertical rules alerting you to changes and bullets for deletions -- just like in the Code
  • Commentary that helps you avoid errors and oversights
  • More than 200 visuals including full-color photos and 2-color graphics and charts
  • FAQs highlighting vital aspects of gas safety that you can't afford to overlook
  • Seven helpful supplements expand your expertise, including an important new supplement on gas piping purging authored by Ted Lemoff, P.E; an updated Fuel Gas Odorization supplement; and updated calculation worksheets.
  • User-friendly features such as end-sheets on how to use the Handbook; a list of figures, tables, and exhibits; and Code and commentary indexes streamline research and maximize your time.

Get the hands-on backup needed to correctly interpret, apply, and enforce NFPA 54 in the 2012 National Fuel Gas Code Handbook. This essential NFPA 54 companion helps engineers, contractors, consultants, AHJs, designers, and architects do jobs correctly while improving productivity.

Hardbound, 560 pp., 2012



History of the National Fuel Gas Code

About the Contributors

About the Editor


NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code, 2009 Edition, with Commentary

1 Administration

1.1 Scope

1.2 Purpose

1.3 Retroactivity

1.4 Equivalency

1.5 Enforcement

2 Referenced Publications

2.1 General

2.2 NFPA Publications

2.3 Other Publications

2.4 References for Extracts in Mandatory Sections

3 Definitions

3.1 General

3.2 NFPA Official Definitions

3.3 General Definitions

4 General

4.1 Qualified Agency

4.2 Interruption of Service

4.3 Prevention of Accidental Ignition

5 Gas Piping System Design, Materials, and Components

5.1 Piping Plan

5.2 Provision for Location of Point of Delivery

5.3 Interconnections Between Gas Piping Systems

5.4 Sizing of Gas Piping Systems

5.5 Piping System Operating Pressure Limitations

5.6 Acceptable Piping Materials and Joining Methods

5.7 Gas Meters

5.8 Gas Pressure Regulators

5.9 Overpressure Protection Devices

5.10 Back Pressure Protection

5.11 Low-Pressure Protection

5.12 Shutoff Valves

5.13 Excess Flow Valve(s)

5.14 Expansion and Flexibility

6 Pipe Sizing

6.1 Pipe Sizing Methods

6.2 Tables for Sizing Gas Piping Systems Using Natural Gas

6.3 Tables for Sizing Gas Piping Systems Using Propane

6.4 Sizing Equations

7 Gas Piping Installation

7.1 Piping Underground

7.2 Installation of Piping

7.3 Concealed Piping in Buildings

7.4 Piping in Vertical Chases

7.5 Gas Pipe Turns

7.6 Drips and Sediment Traps

7.7 Outlets

7.8 Branch Pipe Connection

7.9 Manual Gas Shutoff Valves

7.10 Prohibited Devices

7.11 Systems Containing Gas–Air Mixtures Outside the Flammable Range

7.12 Systems Containing Flammable Gas–Air Mixtures

7.13 Electrical Bonding and Grounding

7.14 Electrical Circuits

7.15 Electrical Connections

8 Inspection, Testing, and Purging

8.1 Pressure Testing and Inspection

8.2 Piping System Leak Check

8.3 Purging

9 Appliance, Equipment, and Accessory Installation

9.1 General

9.2 Accessibility and Clearance

9.3 Air for Combustion and Ventilation

9.4 Appliances on Roofs

9.5 Appliances in Attics

9.6 Appliance and Equipment Connections to Building Piping

9.7 Electrical

9.8 Room Temperature Thermostats

10 Installation of Specific Appliances

10.1 General

10.2 Air-Conditioning Appliances (Gas-Fired Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps)

10.3 Central Heating Boilers and Furnaces

10.4 Clothes Dryers

10.5 Conversion Burners

10.6 Decorative Appliances for Installation in Vented Fireplaces

10.7 Gas Fireplaces, Vented

10.8 Non-Recirculating Direct Gas-Fired Industrial Air Heaters

10.9 Recirculating Direct Gas-Fired Industrial Air Heaters

10.10 Duct Furnaces

10.11 Floor Furnaces

10.12 Food Service Appliance, Floor-Mounted

10.13 Food Service Appliances, Counter Appliances

10.14 Hot Plates and Laundry Stoves

10.15 Household Cooking Appliances

10.16 Illuminating Appliances

10.17 Incinerators, Commercial-Industrial

10.18 Infrared Heaters

10.19 Open-Top Broiler Units

10.20 Outdoor Cooking Appliances

10.21 Pool Heaters

10.22 Refrigerators

10.23 Room Heaters

10.24 Stationary Gas Engines

10.25 Gas-Fired Toilets

10.26 Unit Heaters

10.27 Wall Furnaces

10.28 Water Heaters

10.29 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicular Fuel Systems

10.30 Appliances for Installation in Manufactured Housing

10.31 Fuel Cell Power Plants

10.32 Outdoor Open Flame Decorative Appliances

11 Procedures to Be Followed to Place Appliance in Operation

11.1 Adjusting the Burner Input

11.2 Primary Air Adjustment

11.3 Safety Shutoff Devices

11.4 Automatic Ignition

11.5 Protective Devices

11.6 Checking the Draft

11.7 Operating Instructions

12 Venting of Appliances

12.1 Minimum Safe Performance

12.2 General

12.3 Specification for Venting

12.4 Design and Construction

12.5 Type of Venting System to Be Used

12.6 Masonry, Metal, and Factory-Built Chimneys

12.7 Gas Vents

12.8 Single-Wall Metal Pipe

12.9 Through-the-Wall Vent Termination

12.10 Condensation Drain

12.11 Vent Connectors for Category I Appliances

12.12 Vent Connectors for Category II, Category III, and Category IV Appliances

12.13 Draft Hoods and Draft Controls

12.14 Manually Operated Dampers

12.15 Automatically Operated Vent Dampers

12.16 Obstructions

13 Sizing of Category I Venting Systems

13.1 Additional Requirements to Single Appliance Vent

13.2 Additional Requirements to Multiple- Appliance Vent


A Explanatory Material

B Sizing and Capacities of Gas Piping

C Suggested Method of Checking for Leakage

D Suggested Emergency Procedure for Gas Leaks

E Flow of Gas Through Fixed Orifices

F Sizing of Venting Systems Serving Appliances Equipped with Draft Hoods, Category I Appliances, and Appliances Listed for Use with Type B Vents

G Recommended Procedure for Safety Inspection of an Existing Appliance Installation

H Indoor Combustion Air Calculation Examples

I Example of Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Combustion and Ventilation Opening Design

J Other Useful Definitions

K Enforcement

L Informational References



1 Development of Revised Venting Guidelines

2 Fuel Gas Odorization

3 Procedure to Estimate Infiltration Rate for Residential Structures

4 Calculation Worksheets

5 Clearance Distance for Gas Appliance Sidewall Venting

6 Purging

8 Technical/Substantive Changes from the 2009 Edition to the 2012 Edition of NFPA 54


Important Notices and Legal Disclaimers


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