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Refrigerant Recovery Machines

Refrigerant Recovery Machines from PROMAX & ROBINAIR
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HVACR Tools/ Recovery Machines

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PROMAX RG5410EX Refrigerant Recovery Machine
$779.95 $619.95

NEW!PROMAX RG5410EX Refrigerant Recovery Machine -
  • Extremely fast recovery of all commonly used CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants, including R410A [Puron™]
  • An automatic low-pressure cut-off switch turns the machine off at 15" of vacuum, eliminating unnecessary wear and tear on the machine.
  • Auto-purge helps clear any residual refrigerant, leaving the machine “ready to go” for the next service call.
  • Padded handle grip makes carrying the machine to job sites easier and more comfortable.
  • Designed for use with High Pressure refrigerants
  • Selectable High Pressure safety “cut off” switches (400 or 550 psi)
  • Proprietary “Oil-less” compressor capable of handling both liquid and vapor
  • All new ergonomic design for easier handling - more

PROMAX RG6000 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

$749.95 $649.95

NEW!PROMAX RG6000 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine -

The RG6000 is built for speed and does not disappoint!

Designed to provide the best refrigerant recovery speeds in all conditions, the new twin cylinder design provides greater throughput of both refrigerant  liquid and vapor.

  • Easy to carry. Compact package that is small and light.
  • Rugged. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in extreme conditions.
  • Field serviceable. Easy to disassemble and repair with kits available to replace wearable components, helping limit downtime.
  • Proprietary dual cylinder "oil-less" compressor is capable of handling both liquid and vapor.
  • Works with all CFC, HFC, HCFC refrigerants including R-410A. - more

ROBINAIR 25175B Refrigerant Recovery Machine
$925.95 $844.95

ROBINAIR 25175B Refrigerant Recovery Machine -
  • Recovers all commonly used CFC, HCF, HFCF refrigerants, including R-410A
  • Automatic High Pressure cut-out switch for safety
  • Direct liquid recovery without damaging the compressor
  • All new proprietary “Oil-less” compressor and 1/2 hp motor
  • Field serviceable compressor
  • Multi-refrigerant capable with Self-Clearing feature, which prevents cross-contamination
  • Especially suited for residential and commercial HVAC applications
  • Efficient fan for cooling compressor and large 3-row condenser for use in high temperatures
  • One 60" hose included
  • 1/4" MFL fittings
  • Optional Float Cable provides automatic shut off when tanks are 80% full - more

ROBINAIR 25200B Refrigerant Recovery Machine
$1631.95 $1429.95

ROBINAIR 25200B Refrigerant Recovery Machine -
  • Designed for the recovery medium and high-pressure refrigerants, including R-410A
  • Automatically switches from liquid to vapor recovery
  • Provides continuous recovery without the need to change the hose or flip a switch
  • Automatic high pressure cut-out switch for safety
  • Direct liquid recovery without damaging the compressor
  • Oil-less compressor allows rapid transfer of large amounts of liquid
  • Efficient fan and large condenser can handle high ambient temperatures
  • Multi-refrigerant capable with Self-Clearing feature, which prevents cross-contamination
  • Four 60" hoses, with ball-valves included
  • Optional Float Cable provides automatic shut off when tanks are 80% full
  • 1/4" MFL fittings
  • Power Source – 115V 60 Hz - more
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ROBINAIR Refrigerant Heater Blanket

$189.95 $178.95

ROBINAIR Refrigerant Heater Blanket -

Heating Blanket speeds charging by raising temperature, thus creating a positive pressure difference between tank and A/C system.

  • Fits 30 and 50 pound refrigerant tanks
  • Includes Thermostat – set at 125º F (55º C)
  • Safety thermal cut-off switch protects against overheating
  • 300 watts, 2.6 amps (120v)
  • (Tank not Included)

Refrigerant Oil Pump
$134.95 $124.95

Refrigerant Oil Pump -

  • Oil-Pump design allows you to add refrigerant oil to a system under pressure
  • Designed for larger systems
  • Siphon hose allows for the removal of old oil, preventing over-charging
  • Pump universally mounts directly to one-gallon containers
  • Allows the pumping of oil directly from the container, keeping oil free from dirt & moisture
  • Pump can remain mounted on oil container during storage
  • Oil is pumped at a rate of 3 ounces (90 ml) per stroke

Refrigerant Oil Injectors

Oil Injectors -

  • Use these syringe-type injectors to add oil to a fully pressurized A/C system
  • Just fill the barrel with the amount of oil needed, connect the injector, and press the plunger
  • Check valve prevents any “back flow” of refrigerant
  • No. 16256 – R-134a oil injector, 1/2" Acme quick coupler
  • No. 16258 R-12 Oil injector, 1/4" SAE fitting - more
*Not recommended for UV dye injection

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