2011 National Estimator Labor and Material Cost Guides

2011 National Estimator Labor and Material Cost Guides

2011 National Estimator Labor and Material Cost Guides:

New “green” sections have been added to some of these costbooks to comply with U.S. Green Building Council standards for energy-efficient upgrades, including: LED lighting retrofit costs, HEPA central air filtration retrofit costs, heat recovery ventilator central system retrofit costs, storm flood damage repair and prevention costs, mold and dry rot remediation costs, basement HVAC restoration costs, corrosion coating costs, LEED approved boilers, heat pumps, and much more..

Current building costs for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Estimated prices for every common building material, the labor cost to install the material and a total “installed” cost. For those jobs where you can’t rely on your past experience to estimate, rely on the prices in this national standard of construction costs to get you safely in the ballpark.

Provides manhours, recommended crew, and the labor cost for installation of every job and practically every type of material in construction. Provides clear descriptions on what is included in the job being estimated so you know exactly what the job and the prices for that job entail. Every cost is carefully described. It even provides suggested crew sizes, and equipment rates.

These Costbooks all Include a CD-ROM with an electronic version of the book with National Estimator, a stand-alone Windows estimating program, plus an interactive multimedia video that shows how to use the disk to compile construction cost estimates. Revised annually.

New 2011 Labor & Material CostBooks: (click on a title below for more info)

Note: the following will not be updated for 2011

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