2017 Labor & Material Data Cost Guides Now Available!

2017 BNi Labor & Material Data Costbooks

BNI Electrical Costbook 2017
BNI Electrical Costbook
BNI Facilities Manager's Costbook 2017
Facilities Manager’s Costbook 2017
BNI General Construction Costbook 2017
BNI Construction Costbook 2017
BNI Home Builder's Costbook 2017
Home Builder’s Costbook2017
BNI Mechanical Electrical Costbook 2017
Mechanical Electrical Costbook 2017
BNI National Electrical Code Costbook 2017
National Electrical Code Costbook 2017
BNI Public Works Costbook 2017
BNI Public Works Costbook 2017
BNI Remodeling Costbook 2017
BNI Remodeling Costbook 2017

Quickly and easily estimate the cost of all types of projects involving new construction and renovations in both commercial and residential buildings.

  • Material costs for thousands of items based on current national averages (including allowances for transport, handling and storage).
  • Labor costs based on the prevailing rates for each trade and type of work, PLUS man-hour tables tied to each unit costs, so you can clearly see exactly how the labor cost was calculated and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Equipment costs — including rental and operating costs.
  • Square-foot tables based on the cost-per-square-foot of hundreds of actual projects — invaluable data for quick, ballpark estimates

All data in the Costbook pages and Man-Hour tables is organized according to the CSI MASTERFORMAT – the industry standard numbering/classification system. The data is divided into the 16 divisions as shown below. The five digit numbers within each division correspond to the MASTERFORMAT Broadscope designations.

Each section is further broken down into MASTERFORMAT Mediumscope designations. These numbers, in most cases, are the same as those used in architectural and engineering specifications.

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