Mastering the NEC 2011

Mastering the NEC 2011 Volumes Available Individually, or as a Set!

There’s no way you can memorize everything in the National Electrical Code. But if you understand why and what is intended, you will be better prepared to remember the details you need for every day use.

Mastering the NEC DVDs are designed to help electricians, designers, supervisors, contractors and maintenance personnel understand the NEC. Or use to train and re-train electrical staff.

About the Author:

Mark Shapiro is a former member of the National Electric Code Committee. He has more than 25 years of experience inspecting residential, commercial, industrial and institutional electrical work for code compliance, reviewing plans, and teaching the NEC – in addition to his experience as an electrician. Mark draws on this vast experience to help you understand what the NEC says and how to use it.

Mastering the NEC 2011 Volumes are Available Individually! >> more info

  • DVD # 1- Basic Electric DC Calculation / Theory
  • DVD # 2- Basic Electric AC Calculation / Theory
  • DVD # 3- Residential Wiring Code
  • DVD # 4- Residential Service Calculations
  • DVD # 5- Commercial & Industrial Service Calculations
  • DVD # 6- Ampacities & Derating
  • DVD # 7- Overcurrent Protection, Continuous Loads, Transformers and Tap Rules
  • DVD # 8- Understanding Grounding Part 1: Systems and Services
  • DVD # 9- Understanding Grounding Part 2: Circuits and Equipment
  • DVD # 10- Raceways, Boxes & Cabinets: Fill and Dimensions
  • DVD # 11- Motor Circuits: Understanding Article 430
  • DVD # 12- Understanding the Second Half of the Code

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2011 National Electrical Code (NEC) Books, Software, Training and Study Guides

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