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Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC

Residential & Commercial Construction Blue Print Reading & Drafting for Students and Construction Professionals

Printreading for Residential Construction - Part 1

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Blueprint Reading

Blueprint Reading -

Improve Your Ability to Read and Interpret All Types of Construction Drawings

Blueprint Reading is a step-by-step guide to reading and interpreting all types of construction drawings.

Filled with hundreds of illustrations and study questions, this easy-to-use resource offers a complete overview of construction drawing basics for every aspect of the construction process- from site work, foundations, and structural systems to interior work and finishes.

You'll also find a glossary of terms for quick reference, convenient tables and charts for identifying symbols and abbreviations, and much more.

Blueprint Reading and Drafting for Plumbers Blueprint Reading and Drafting for Plumbers -

With a one-of-a-kind approach that offers more comprehensive coverage than any other plumbing apprentice book on the market, this valuable resource will thoroughly prepare readers for the transition from the residential plumbing industry to commercial or industrial projects.

Blueprint Reading and Drafting for Plumbers, 2E goes beyond basic lessons on reading and drafting various piping arrangements to provide highly detailed, practical, and relevant information that addresses the real-life demands of commercial and industrial job sites.

This updated edition features all-new chapters devoted to coordinating plumbing installations using structural steel and civil blueprints, further enhancing the book’s unique and jobsite-focused classroom lessons. - more

Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching -

For over 50 years, Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching has been an international best-seller, and THE definitive resource for blueprint reading.

The newly revised 9th edition of Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching continues the traditions in helping to readers achieve competence in reading and sketching technical drawings.

This classic interactive book/workbook will help users develop skills in reading and interpreting industrial drawings and preparing basic to advanced technical sketches. It will provide them with basic principles, concepts, ANSI and SI Metric drafting symbols and standards, terminology, manufacturing process notes, and other related technical information contained on a mechanical or CAD drawing.  - more
Blueprints and Plans for HVAC, 4E Blueprints and Plans for HVAC, 4E -

Learn how to read and use HVAC Plans and Blueprints like a pro!

Packed with vivid illustrations and a complete set of commercial prints, best-selling BLUEPRINTS AND PLANS FOR HVAC, 4th Edition combines in-depth instruction with relevant hands-on applications to equip you with the skills to succeed in the workplace.

Now in an engaging four-color format, this popular text will help you master the basics of blueprint reading and apply these new skills in the HVAC trade.

This Fourth Edition has been updated to include the latest codes and technological advancements, while still covering all the critical areas of study, including using the architect’s and engineer’s scale, creating and using working and construction drawings and freehand sketching and drafting with instruments. - more

Residential Wire Pro - Draw Detailed Electrical Floor Plans and more! Residential Wire Pro - Draw Detailed Electrical Floor Plans and more!
Residential Wire Pro Software - Draw Detailed Electrical Floor Plans and more!
Blueprint Reading for Welders Blueprint Reading for Welders, 9E -

This hands-on, reader-friendly guide provides comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of welding symbols and their application to welding prints and practices.

BLUEPRINT READING FOR WELDERS, Ninth Edition, uses step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations to help readers gain the knowledge and skills they need to interpret a wide range of working documents, from simple sketches to the most complex blueprints.

The text covers auxiliary views, detail views, projections, sections, and detail and assembly drawings.

Now updated and expanded, the new Ninth Edition features the latest AWS symbols and terms along with the ISO welding symbols, current specifications and dimensioning practices, relevant industry developments, and cutting-edge information to help modern professionals succeed in this dynamic field. - more

DEWALT Blueprint Reading Professional Reference


DEWALT Blueprint Reading Professional Reference -

Nothing is more essential in the construction industry than reading blueprints, and this pocket reference is the best of the best!

Covering a multitude of trade industries, the DEWALT® Blueprint Reading Professional Reference gives plumbers, carpenters, roofers, electricians, flooring installers, and others access to all the important information.

Readers will learn how to read and understand blueprints, sections, elevations, schedules, site plans, architectural plans, structural plans, plumbing plans, HVAC & mechanical plans, electrical plans, and more. A comprehensive glossary of terms and abbreviations is also included for those on-the-job situations when a quick refresher is a must! - more

Johnson laser levels, spirit levels, construction measuring and marking tools - JobSite Tough Since 1947
Drafting House Plans
Drafting House Plans -

Drafting House Plans introduces the absolute beginner to the process of thinking and working in scale, sketching first concepts, using architectural symbols, creating and drawing preliminary plans and preparing each sheet of a complete set of house plan drawings.

Draw a complete set of plans for a one-story house, or an additional to an existing house even if you've never had drafting or design experience.

This complete guide to drawing home plans walks you through the process of developed a complete set of plans: visualizing spatial relationships, using standard architectural scales and symbols, sketching preliminary drawings, developing a detailed floor plan and exterior elevations, and preparing a final plot plan. - more

Plan Review Study Guide, 2017


New!(Electrical) Plan Review Study Guide, 2017

Electrical Inspection Certification Program
International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)

Updated to the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC)

The IAEI Plan Review Study Guide, 2017 is designed for busy people who are working and studying at the same time. It not only gives you basic answers, but it also teaches you the steps to solve the problems, and how to navigate the National Electrical Code to find the answers quickly and efficiently.

Take the first step in becoming an Electrical Plans Reviewer — help yourself prepare to pass the examination the first time - more

Machine Trades Printreading, 3E
Book w/ CD-ROM
New!Machine Trades Printreading, 3E -

Machine Trades Printreading presents a thorough foundation for understanding the symbols, practices, and concepts used in prints for manufacturing and machining processes.

This text/workbook describes how parts made in a machine shop are described in two-dimensional drawings with the necessary precision. Topics focus on the representation of objects in various views and the specification of sizes and shapes of object features.

This new edition references the latest ANSI standards for printreading symbols and object representation and adds new information on tolerancing and precision measurement.

Numerous trade competency tests throughout the book are based on practical manufacturing prints. - more

Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC New!Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC -

Printreading Based on the 2017 NEC® provides a thorough foundation for understanding drawings and concepts related to electrical printreading.

It includes important changes that appear in the 2017 National Electrical Code® as they pertain to one-family dwellings, multifamily dwellings, commercial locations, industrial locations, special equipment, and hazardous locations.

Electrical plans are used in conjunction with NEC® requirements to familiarize the learner with standards that promote best practices. This informative and full color textbook serves as both an instructional tool and a valuable technical reference for professionals in the field. - more

Printreading Based on the 2014 NEC Printreading Based on the 2014 NEC -

Printreading has been completely updated to reflect changes in the 2014 NEC® and maintain its status as an industry standard by incorporating fundamental printreading skills and relevant NEC® topics.

Different types of prints used in industry are represented throughout the textbook, including plot plans, floor plans, and elevations. Prints are also used in conjunction with code requirements to determine dwelling load calculations.

This textbook serves as both an instructional tool and a valuable technical reference for professionals in the field. (Answer Key sold separately) - more

PrintReading Based on the 2011 NEC PrintReading Based on the 2011 NEC -

Completely updated to reflect changes in the 2011 NEC®, this text maintains its status as the industry standard by incorporating printreading skills and relevant NEC® topics.

Large illustrations organize and simplify complex topics for easy learning. Numerous trade competency tests and two final exams are included.

A comprehensive glossary contains definitions of common electrical and printreading terms.

This text serves as both an instructional tool and a valuable reference for professionals in the field. - more

Printreading for Installing and Troubleshooting Electrical Systems New!Printreading for Installing and Troubleshooting Electrical Systems, 2E -

Printreading for Installing and Troubleshooting Electrical Systems is a comprehensive resource that covers the essential printreading skills needed to safely install and troubleshoot common residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems.

The textbook focuses on printreading fundamentals, symbols, print elements, and construction documentation.

The textbook contains 15 chapters and includes nearly 200 electrical prints along with examples to reinforce key concepts. Review questions, examples, activities, and trade competency tests are included to assess learner comprehension, while providing examples of real-world printreading tasks. - more

Printreading for Residential Construction, 6E NEW!Printreading for Residential Construction, 6E -

Includes 2 Sets of Prints!

Printreading for Residential Construction, 6E presents printreading fundamentals and provides printreading activities related to residential construction.

Topics presented include sketching, computer-aided design (CAD), trade math symbols and abbreviations, plot plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, and details.

This new edition provides information on revised building codes, LEED for Homes, green building practices, advanced house framing techniques, insulation, and the whole-house systems approach. - more

Johnson laser levels, spirit levels, construction measuring and marking tools - JobSite Tough Since 1947
Printreading for Residential and Light Commercial Construction NEW!Printreading for Residential and Light Commercial Construction, 6E -

Printreading for Residential and Light Commercial Construction presents information applicable to the carpentry, electrical, mechanical, and general building trades, and provides authentic printreading experiences using contemporary prints.

Single and multifamily dwellings, plus mixed-use and light commercial project plans are covered in the textbook. Specifications describing the building components and construction procedures are also included for two of the projects, the Brick-Veneer Residence and the Wendy's® Restaurant.

This edition includes information on a newly constructed 19,000 sq ft multistory veterinary center. Also included is updated coverage on building codes, the CSI MasterFormat™, LEED® certification, and green building technology, which complements the prints. - more

Printreading for Heavy Commercial Construction, 4E

NEW!Printreading for Heavy Commercial Construction, 4E -

Printreading for Heavy Commercial Construction, 4E covers the skills needed to interpret plans and printreading symbols commonly included on prints for large commercial structures.

This new edition provides updated information on the National Electrical Code (NEC®), LEED® certification, and CSI MasterFormat™.

Expanded topics include public and private project owners, surveying, underground utility location, slip forms, building automation, and interior trim. New energy center prints have been added, along with corresponding final exam questions.

Includes Prints from 4 Heavy Commercial Construction Projects - a total of 62 Sheets! - more

Printreading for Welders
Book w/ DVD
NEW!Printreading for Welders, 5E -

This established reference text presents an introduction to printreading fundamentals, AWS welding symbols, and related print reading activities found in industry.

Topics covered include weld prints, sketching, object representation, math, weld symbol usage, joint design, pipe welding, welding metallurgy, and certification.

The DVD included with the textbook contains Quick Quizzes®, an illustrated glossary, sample licensing exams, media clips, and reference material.

The Printreading for Welders textbook and DVD package is the industry leader in providing numerous industry prints and skill-building activities.  - more

Residential Printreading NEW!Residential Printreading, 4E -

Residential Printreading covers common residential construction materials and techniques and relates this information to various residential prints using a fundamental approach.

Print reading and construction practices are presented in the sequence that occurs on an actual job site - from property layout and excavation through finish installation.

Five sets of plans included in the Prints Folder provide authentic printreading experiences. The prints include drawings and related construction documents for a contemporary one-story house, a two-story tract house, a one-story ranch house, a large colonial house, and a contemporary multistory house. - more

Electrical Software:

Business Forms
Electrical Design

Electrical Floorplans
Ladder Diagrams
Motor Controls
PLC Training

Residential WirePro - Create Electrical Wiring Floorplans & more!
Residential WirePro - Create Professional Residential Electrical Wiring Floorplans & more!

NEW! - Create Professional Residential Electrical and Structured Wiring Diagrams / Floorplans - more

Technical Sketching and Drawing

Technical Sketching and Drawing -

Technical Sketching and Drawing presents fundamental drawing concepts and develops skills with a series of progressive technical drawing techniques.

This new text/workbook covers the wide spectrum of skills needed to enable a learner to visually communicate technical information with accuracy.

Each chapter includes review questions to test the learners comprehension, as well as hands-on drawing activities for practicing the concepts covered.

Includes a CD-ROM with Interactive Tutorials, Exercises, Media Clips & more...

Understanding Construction Drawings
$208.95 $187.95

Understanding Construction Drawings -

Updated to the 2006 International Building and Residential Codes, the fifth edition of UNDERSTANDING CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS continues to highlight a range of real construction projects - from residential dwellings to commercial structures.

This enhanced edition combines information and a hands-on approach to learning. The text provides thorough coverage that builds the foundation for a broad understanding of the entire construction process.

An extensive set of drawings packaged with the book illustrates each building so that students can apply important skills and gain a "real-world" understanding of construction drawings in an engaging way. - more

more Specialty Calculators & Measuring Tools

HVAC-R and Mechanical Exam Prep

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