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Zircon Electronic Hand Tools
Circuit Finders, Metal Detectors, Stud Finders, Water Detector & Water Levels

Zircon Electronic Hand Tools
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 Breaker ID Pro Circuit Breaker Finder Kit
$159.97  $129.95

NEW!Breaker ID Pro Circuit Finder Kit -

A complete circuit- finding tool kit for locating circuit breakers in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. (previously known as CF12 Pro Kit.)

It calibrates automatically so all you need to do is connect the transmitter to the circuit and scan the breaker box with the included receiver.

On the first scan, the tool calibrates to the circuit breakers, and on the second scan, it takes what it learned and indicates the target.

It includes transmitter, receiver, clips, light socket adapter, blades, and plug adapter connectors to let you plug the transmitter into the circuit you're planning to work on.

Be confident the correct circuit is found so power is not lost to other electrical equipment or appliances; i.e., computer, clocks, or freezer. - more

StudSensor i65 OneStep

StudSensor i65 OneStep Electronic Stud Finder & Wall Scanner

StudSensor i65 finds wood and metal studs and joists up to 1-1/2 inches deep beneath the surface of walls, ceilings, and floors, in one simple step.

The easy-to-read LCD display indicates direction, edge, and center of stud, and the signal strength indicator helps distinguish between shallow and deep targets.

AC WireWarning® continuously detects hot AC wiring up to 3 inches deep for safety.

When the StudSensor i65 finds the center of the stud, it beeps and the SpotLite® Pointing System shines a beam of light over the center.

Designed for carpenters, remodelers, and do-it-yourselfers who don't have time for guesswork. Use to find wood and metal studs while continuously scanning for hot AC. - more

MultiScanner i520 Onestep


MultiScanner i520 OneStep Electronic Stud Finder & Wall Scanner

Find the center of the stud in one pass.

MultiScanner i520 OneStep makes wall scanning fast and simple. The ultra-bright display screen indicates direction, edge, and center of stud; signal strength indicator distinguishes between shallow and deep targets. Four detection modes for studs, deep studs, metal, and hot electrical wiring.

  • Finds the center and edges of both wood and metal studs at depths of up to 1-1⁄2" (38mm)
  • Finds pipes, nails, rebar, and other hidden metal
  • Automatically recalibrates when scanning begins over a stud
  • SpotLite® Pointing System illuminates to indicate center of stud
  • Ultra-bright LCD display indicates direction, edge, and center of studs
  • Exclusive WireWarning™ Alert continuously detects hot electrical wiring - more

 MetalliScanner m40

m40 MetalliScanner Electronic Metal Detector -

Electronic Metal Detector with Wide Scan and Pinpoint Scan:

MetalliScanner® m40 quickly and easily detects metal in wood, drywall, paneling, tile, stucco, plaster, concrete, and other non-metallic surfaces.

It locates ferrous (magnetic) metal up to 4 in. (102 mm) deep and non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metal up to 2 in. (51 mm) deep.

MetalliScanner® m40 solves the very difficult problem of finding studs in lath and plaster walls. It works by finding the pattern of nails that attach the wood lath to the studs.

MetalliScanner® m40 has two scanning positions, each with a progressive LED display. As it approaches a metal object, the red LEDs progressively light from the bottom up. The top lighted blue coil and an audio tone indicate when a metal target is located.

  • Use Pinpoint Scan to locate small metal objects such as screws and nails
  • Use Wide Scan to detect metal in walls or concrete. - more

 MT6 Electronic Metal Detector & Locator

MT6 Electronic Metal Detector & Locator -

MT6 finds Metal through solid ConcreteRecommended Tool for Hurricane Loss Mitigation

An advanced user interface makes the MT6 the easiest metal finder ever.

Find metal up to 6 inches (154 mm) deep through solid concrete or find pipes and junction boxes behind tile—before you ruin expensive drill bits or saw blades.

It automatically differentiates between magnetic metal (such as rebar) and nonmagnetic metal (such as copper pipe).

The LCD graphics are easy to read and easy to interpret. The screen pinpoints the location of metal objects to the nearest inch, and depth to the nearest 1/2 inch. - more


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