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Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual, 5E

Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual, 5E


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Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual, 5E

By: Thomas Westerkamp

This book has everything you need to set up and run a building maintenance department.

Newly revised!

Whether you are a facilities manager, engineer, property owner, developer, or anyone else responsible for maintenance operations, this book is a must-have reference. Not only does it give you all of the essential ingredients for understanding and carrying out successful day-to-day management of maintenance activities, it provides you with an integrated plan for continuous improvement of the maintenance function.

This fully up-to-date book covers structural maintenance, mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance and instrument repair, maintenance of roads and grounds, power plan maintenance, as well as housekeeping, waste management, air and water quality, and safety.

For each of these areas it covers materials planning, preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance, budgeting and expense forecasting, and much more. It even provides you with a complete set of model policies and procedures you can easily edit and adapt for your own organization.

What's more, this book provides a wealth of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) tips and techniques to help you gain greater control of your IT infrastructure, plus a detailed look at the new capabilities added to the CMMS to better integrate it with day-to-day shop floor control and performance management.

Contents: (from prior version)

Acknowledgments, iv
What This Manual Will Do For You, v
About the Author, viii
Preface, xx

Chapter 1, How to Initiate a Well-Written Maintenance Management Policy, 1
Six Critical Maintenance Management Principles, 1
How to Prepare a Written Maintenance Management Policy, 2

Chapter 2, How to Organize and Staff the Maintenance Department, 11
How to Choose the Best Form for Your Department, 11
How to Choose the Best Structure for Your Maintenance Organization by Using Job Evaluation, 14
How to Manage Contract Maintenance Work, 15
How to Prepare Your Own Organization Chart, 18

Chapter 3, Guidelines for Training Maintenance Personnel, 20
Developing a Master Training Plan, 20
Orienting New Employees, 21
Safety Training, 23
How to Train Managers to Be More Effective, 24
Training Maintenance Planners, 25
Training Employees in Maintenance Trades, 26
How to Train Maintenance Trade Workers to Service Specific Equipment, 27
Training Maintenance Apprentices, 27
Multimedia Training, 27
Computer-Based Training, 32

Chapter 4, How to Prepare a Workable Maintenance Budget, 34
Types of Maintenance Budgets, 34
Two Effective Budget Preparation Methods, 35
Organizing for Budget Preparation, 36
How to Prepare and Use Your Own Budget, 36
How to Bring Your Actual Costs in Line With the Budget, 37
How to Use Cost Indexes to Project Future Costs, 39
Using Your CMMS to Track Actual Versus Budget, 39

Chapter 5, How to Set Up and Use Shop Floor Labor Controls, 41
How to Obtain Information for Better Control of Maintenance Labor, 41
Developing a Weekly Maintenance Control Report, 42
Preparing Trend Charts to Facilitate Maintenance Staffing, 42
Preparing a Staffing Model From Trends Data, 48

Chapter 6, How to Calculate Productivity Improvement Costs Versus Savings, 50
How to Calculate Maintenance Labor Costs, 50
How to Use Cost Per Standard Hour to Calculate Savings, 52
How to Determine the Base Cost Per Standard Hour, 52
Comparing the Base Period to the Current Period to Calculate Savings, 53
How to Increase the Rate of Savings Generated, 54
Cum Cost Cum Savings, 55

Chapter 7, Planning Your Routine Repairs, 59
Don't Fix It If It Isn't Broken, 59
Don't Wait Till It Breaks to Fix It: Following a Planned Maintenance Approach, 59
Scoping the Job: How the Planned Maintenance Approach Works, 60
Typical Planner Job Descriptions, 63
Job-Planning Audits Ensure Consistency and Accuracy, 63

Chapter 8, How to Develop an Effective Work Order System, 65
How to Use the Work Order Form, 65
A Six-Step Time Reporting Procedure to Complement the Work Order System, 72
When and How to Use a Weekly Work Order, 73
How to Successfully Control In-Process Work Orders, 75
How to Use the Job Assignment Board, 80
How to Use the Daily Maintenance Schedule, 82
Handling the Backlog of Maintenance Requests, 87
Responsibility for Backlog, 87
How to Measure and Classify Backlog, 87
Handling Unscheduled Work, 87
Handling Scheduled Work, 87
How to Use the Backlog to Calculate Workforce Requirements, 88
How to Determine Weeks of Backlog for a Given Workforce Size, 89
How to Use the Backlog File, 89
Work Order Location Control Using the Backlog File, 90
How to Start a Backlog File, 90

Chapter 9, Planning for Emergency Maintenance Work, 93
Guidelines for Effective Requests for Emergency Service, 93
Responding to Emergencies, 93
How to Plan for Emergencies, 95
Effect of Emergencies on Staffing, 95
Scheduling Versus Emergencies, 96
Stocking Material for Emergencies, 96
Handling Job Interruptions, 96
Operation Interruptions and Cost of Emergencies, 97
How to Get Emergencies Under Control, 98
Using a Computerized Maintenance Management System to Control and Reduce Emergency Maintenance, 98

Chapter 10, Planning and Controlling Major Equipment Reengineering and Overhaul Projects, 99
Preliminary Planning, 99
Three Essential Classes of Information for Preparing Engineering Specifications, 100
12-Step Process for Preparing and Executing Major Overhauls, 102
Conducting a Prejob Conference to Determine the Scope of the Overhaul Project, 104
Tracking and Controlling Reengineering Projects Using the Computer, 105

Chapter 11, Effective Space Planning for Your Facility, 107
Three Main Types of Space Requirements, 107
How to Estimate Space Needs: Modular Space Planning, 108
Four Ways to Find More Space, 108

Chapter 12, How to Justify a New or Expanded Facility Plan, 110
Why Expand?, 110
An Eight-Step Method to Improve Your Facility Space Use, 110

Chapter 13, Construction Project Planning and Scheduling, 115
The Questioning Attitude, 115
Estimating Project Costs, 115
How to Prepare Detailed Specifications, 117
Seven Key Ingredients of a Successful Project Schedule, 119

Chapter 14, How to Maintain a Safe and Secure Workplace, 121
Safety Considerations in Maintenance Work, 121
How to Evaluate Your Safety Program, 123
Tips on Maintaining Equipment for Safety, 123
The Importance of Security Systems, 123
Security System Preventive Maintenance, 142
Disaster Planning, 146

Chapter 15, How to Control Material Inventory, 155
Eight Basic Inventory Decisions, 155
Using the ABC Inventory Control Method, 156
Cost Control, 156
Three Methods Used to Calculate the Most Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), 157
How to Reduce Inventory, 161
Chapter 16 How to Maintain an Effective Stores Control System, 163
Assigning Responsibility for Stores Control, 163
Establishing Procedures for Stores Control, 164
Computerized Stores Control, 168
Implementation Plan for Bar-Coding Material, 168
Radio Frequency Identification in Maintenance Stores, 171

Chapter 17, How to Control the Use of Maintenance Tools and Equipment, 175
The Role of the Tool Room Supervisor, 175
Arranging Storage in the Tool Room, 176
Four Control Procedures Used for Tool Issue and .Return, 178
How to Set Up an Effective Tool Control System, 180
Bar-Coding for Tool Control, 181
Seven Steps to Implementing Bar-Coding, 182

Chapter 18, How to Set Up and Maintain Equipment Records, 183
How to Set Up an Equipment History System Using Equipment Identification and Specifications, 183
How to Maintain an Equipment Repair History, 185
How to Use Equipment History to Optimize Repair, 185
Three Indicators That Can Improve Effectiveness in Repairs, 186
How to Use Repair Statistics, 188
Staffing Prediction Models, 188

Chapter 19, How to Establish a Six Step Preventive Maintenance Program, 189
Six Steps to Preventive Maintenance, 189
How to Apply the Six Step PM Program to a Typical Installation, 194
Guidelines for Schedule Compliance Using Reports and Trend Charts, 196
Revising the Assignments and Schedule Calendar, 196
Staffing a PM Program, 197

Chapter 20, How to Implement a Predictive Maintenance System, 202
How Predictive Maintenance Compares to Other Types of Maintenance, 202
10 Advantages of Predictive Maintenance, 203
Eight Types of Predictive Maintenance and How They Work, 204
How Vibration Analysis Is Used in Predictive Maintenance, 206
Common Causes for Excessive Vibration in Rotating Machines, 207
Problem-Solving Applications Using Vibration Analysis, 211
Predictive Maintenance Using a Gas Analyzer, 212
Using Leak Detection for Predictive Maintenance, 212
Using an Electric Generator for Predictive Maintenance, 212
Using the Ammeter as a Predictive Maintenance Tool, 212
10 Steps to Setting Up Your Own Predictive Maintenance Program, 213

Chapter 21, Motion Economy: How to Work Smarter, 217
Four Key Components of a Maintenance Job, 217
Key Management Benefit-Individual Ingenuity Versus Productivity, 219
How Common Maintenance Operations Indicate the Level of Effectiveness, 219
How to Use Ladders and Scaffolds More Productively, 219
How to Choose the Right Ladder, 220
Improved Material Handling With Manual and Electric Hoists, 220
Two Case Studies Involving Material Handling Equipment, 221

Chapter 22, How to Implement Motion Economy in Using Tools, 223
14 Ways to Upgrade Tool Selection and Use, 227
Using Power Tools for Greater Productivity, 227
10 High-Productivity Ways to Get Tools and Workers to the Job, 228

Chapter 23, Cleaning, Inspecting and Lubricating Equipment, 229
Cleaning, 229
Inspecting, 233
Lubricating, 235

Chapter 24, Exterior Maintenance of Building Structures, 251
Maintaining Building Foundations, 251
Maintaining Building Walls, 255
Proper Maintenance of Windows and Doors, 258
Roof Maintenance, 260
Solutions to 36 Common Rooftop Problems, 263

Chapter 25, Interior Building Maintenance, 270
Below-Grade Interior Building Maintenance, 270
Above-Grade Interior Bui Iding Maintenance, 270
Most Frequently Required Door Repairs, 273
Care of Walls and Ceilings, 277

Chapter 26, Machine Repair: Guidelines for Troubleshooting and Correcting Problems, 279
Typical Duties of a Machine Repair Worker, 279
Common Machine Components and How to Keep Them Working Smoothly, 280
How to Maintain and Repair Pumps, 285
Machine Alignment Methods, 288
Hydraulic Power System Troubleshooting, 289

Chapter 27, Air Compressors, 293
Repairing Compressors, 294
Air Compressor Inspection Check list, 295
Compressed Air Services, 297

Chapter 28, Air Conditioning, 298
Air Conditioning Applications and Sizing, 298
How to Repair Wall and Window Units, 298
Five Main Types of Central Air Conditioning Systems, 299
A Typical Air Conditioning System Maintenance Program, 300
How to Realize Energy Cost Savings With Ice Storage, 301

Chapter 29, Heating and Ventilation Systems, 304
How Heat Is Transferred, 304
Sizing Heating Systems, 305
Unit Heater Preventive Maintenance, 305
Central Heater Preventive Maintenance, 306
Radiator Maintenance for High-Efficiency Operation, 308
Preventive Maintenance for Electric Resistance Heaters, 308
Types of Ventilating Systems, 308
How to Get the Best Operation From Your Fans, 311
Costs, 313
Equipment Specifications, 313
How to Save Energy With Variable Speed Drives, 314
Fart Inspection Checklist, 314

Chapter 30, Metrology and Instrumentation, 317
What Is Metrology?, 317
International Standards, 318
Gage Blocks, 319
Instruments and Their Relative Precision, 319
How to Ensure Highly Accurate Measurement Application, 320
Other Physical Variables and Instruments Used to Measure Them, 321
Instrument Repair and Calibration Techniques, 324

Chapter 31, Electricians and Their Tools: How to Ensure High Productivity, 329
Typical Electrician and Instrument Repair Job Classifications and Requirements, 329
Electrical and Instrument Repair Tool Inventory: How to Be Sure You Have the Right Tools for the Job, 330

Chapter 32, Lighting, 334
Eight Benefits of Good Lighting in a Work Environment, 334
How Proper Lighting Affects Work Productivity, 335
Six Main Types of Lighting Fixtures and How They Work, 336
How to Determine Lighting Quality, 336
How to Design an Effective Lighting System in Three Steps, 337
Group Relamping, 339
Typical Relamping Duties, 344

Chapter 33, Motors and Generators, 347
Motor Circuit Design, 347
Generators, 347
Motors, 350
Relationship Between Motor Controllers and Disconnect Devices, 354
How to Repair Electric Motors and Generators, 355
Troubleshooting Inspection and Testing Motors and Generators, 357
Five Tests to Use in Checking Motor Insulation, 358
How to Detect Electrically Caused Bearing Failure, 358

Chapter 34, Emergency Power System, 361
Five Major Components of an Emergency Power System, 361

Chapter 35, Distribution System Controls, 369
Building and Feeder Transformers, 369
Power Distribution System Protection, 372
Protective Device Preventive Maintenance Inspection and Testing, 382

Chapter 36, Power Distribution System Planning and Sizing, 384
Four Key Types of Loads and How to Size System Components for Them, 384
How to Reduce Voltage Drop, 387
Seven Rules for Selecting Circuit Breakers, 388
How to Plan Your Own Electrical Distribution System: A 14-Step Process, 388
How to Determine the Capacitor Size Required to Optimize Power Factor, 406
Nine Indications That It's Time to Modernize Your Power Distribution System, 408

Chapter 37, Wiring Conduit and Junction Boxes, 409
Wiring, 409
Six Main Wiring Methods and the Advantages and Disadvantages of Each, 410
A Typical Branch Circuit Wiring Conduit and Junction Box Installation, 412

Chapter 38, Batteries, 415
Dry Cell Batteries, 415
Wet Cell or Storage Battery, 416
How to Care for Batteries, 417
Four Factors to Consider When Selecting a Battery for Your Application, 417
Other Design Considerations, 418
How to Maintain Battery Charging Equipment, 418

Chapter 39, High Voltage Power Supplies, 420
Lightning Arresters, 421
High Voltage Maintenance Requirements, 422
Types of Circuit Arrangements, 422

Chapter 40, Road Maintenance, 425
A 10-Step Process for Road Repair Planning, 425
Planning Various Types of Road Maintenance, 434
Machine S weeping and Flushing, 436
Intensive Policing: The "Hands-On" Approach to Road Cleanup, 438
Drainage Inlet Cleanout, 438
Dust Prevention, 438
Ditching, 438
Flushing Culverts, 438
Leaf Pickup, 439
Mowing and Weed Cutting, 439
Snow and Ice Control, 439
Road Work Site Protection: Barricade Versus Channel, 439

Chapter 41, Grounds Maintenance, 441
Grounds Maintenance Planning and Organization: Two Key Planning Tools, 442
Guidelines for Providing Trouble-Free Lawn Care, 443
Five Steps to a Healthy Lawn, 444
Shrubs Foundation and Border Plantings, 446
Tree Care: How Pruning Can Promote Healthy Growth, 447
Mining Gardners' Gold: How to Divide and Multiply Perenniala, 447

Chapter 42, Energy Sources and Their Applications, 449
Energy Generation From Coal, 450
Fuel Oil, 452
Natural Gas, 452
Wood Waste and Bagasse, 452
Energy Sources and Total Cost of Operation, 453
Nuclear Energy, 453

Chapter 43, Boiler Maintenance, 455
Typical Duties of a Boiler Operator, 455
Guidelines for Achieving Optimum Boiler Efficiency, 455
Measuring Boiler Efficiency to Determine Maintenance Needs, 456
Tips on Selecting the Right Boiler Equipment.459
Guidelines for Selecting Steam Generating Equipment, 462
Main Boiler Failure Cause and Prevention , 462

Chapter 44, Turbine and Generator Maintenance, 465
How Cogeneration Can Provide Energy Savings for Your Plant, 465
Cogeneration: Partnership With Your Utility Company, 465
How a Turbine-Generator Works, 466
Seven Key Classifications of Steam Turbines, 466
Advantages of Steam Turbines Compared to Steam Engines, 467
Tips on Maintaining Turbine Equipment, 467
Guidelines for Generator Maintenance, 469

Chapter 45, Power Plant Support Equipment, 470
Feedwater Pumps, 470
Air Heaters and Economizers, 471
Deaerators, 471
Superheaters, 471
Condensers, 471
Water Treatment, 472
Piping Valves and Steam Traps, 472

Chapter 46, Maintenance Machine Shop Practices, 477
Typical Duties of a Machinist, 477
Machine Shop Layout and Marking, 478
10 Machining Time Variables That Can Affect Job Performance, 480
How to Detect Deteriorating Machine and Tool Conditions, 483

Chapter 47, Sheetmetal in Maintenance Work, 486
Typical Sheetmetal Hand Tools, 487
Sheetmetal Power Tools, 488
The Three Steps of Sheetmetal Fabrication, 488

Chapter 48, Maintenance Carpentry, 491
Typical Duties of a Maintenance Carpenter, 491
Carpentry Planning and Layout, 491
Carpenter Hand Tools, 493
Carpenter Power Tools, 493
Skids Crates and Boxes, 496
Guidelines for Setting Up an Efficient Carpenter's Shop, 496

Chapter 49, Maintenance Welding, 497
Typical Duties of a Welder, 497
Eight Common Welding Processes and How They Work, 499
Complex Welding Applications and Practices, 503

Chapter 50, Maintenance Painting, 506
Typical Duties of a Painter, 506
Job Preparation and Cleanup, 506
How to Paint: Guidelines for a Professional High-Quality Finish, 506
An 11-Step High Productivity Maintenance Painting Program, 510
Tips on Using Coated Abrasives in Maintenance Work for Surface Preparation, 512

Chapter 51, Janitorial and Custodial Maintenance, 515
Typical Duties of a Janitor and Custodian, 515
A Nine-Step Custodial Plan to Save Time and Money, 516
How to Select the Most Productive Method for Performing Each Task, 519

Chapter 52, Waste Management, 521
Four Ways to Handle Waste Disposal, 521
Dealing With Oil Spills in the Workplace, 522
Hazardous Wastes: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You, 523
Five Steps for Assessing and Minimizing Risk, 525
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), 527
Hazardous Waste Incineration, 528

Chapter 53, Air and Water Quality and Safety, 529
Air Quality Control, 529
Asbestos, 533
Water Conservation, 534
Water Quality Control, 537
Lead, 537
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Guidelines, 538

Chapter 54, Work Measurement Techniques, 543
Six Methods for Measuring Work to Be Performed, 543
How to Establish Engineered Maintenance Time Standards, 547
Computer Applications for Maintenance-Work Measurement, 548

Chapter 55, Engineered Maintenance Standards, 552
Organizing Standard Data for Easy Retrieval With Data Coding, 552
Five Key Levels in Engineered Maintenance Standards Using a Predetermined Time System and Building Blocks, 552
Predetermined Time Values for Basic Manual Motions, 553
Time Values for Tasks Common to All Trades, 554
Time Values for Craft Operations, 554
Time Values for Typical Jobs: Typical Job Work Groups, 554
Applying Times to Maintenance Work Using the Range of Time Concept, 554
How to Apply Engineered Maintenance Standards in Your Workplace, 558
Three Methods for Establishing Standard Times, 559
Application of Job Preparation Travel and Allowances to the Job Time, 560

Chapter 56, Maintenance Wage Incentive Plans, 562
10 Principles of a Sound Wage Incentive Plan, 562
Why Work Measurement Is Needed As the Basis for a Wage Plan, 563
How to Design an Incentive Plan for Maintenance Application, 563
One-for-One Standard Hour Plan, 564
Multi factor Plans, 564
Sharing Plans, 565

Chapter 57, Computer Systems for the Central Shop, 567
Three Main Advantages of Automated Information Systems, 567
Typical Components of a Stand-Alone Microcomputer System, 568
How to Structure a Computer Software System for Maintenance Management, 570
Nine Major Uses of Computers in Maintenance, 576

Chapter 58, Multi-User Computer Network Systems for Combined Area-Central Shops, 578
Conceptual multi-user planning, 579
Multi-user single CPU systems versus local area networks, 580
Network Design Considerations, 581
Network cable, 581
Wiring and Cabling management, 581
Network example 1: A single network for a multi-planner office in one building, 584
Network example 2: A group of networks on a single campus, 585
Network example 3: An enterprise wide area network connecting sites in several cities, 588
How to computerize maintenance time standards, 590
Computerized maintenance management savings versus cost, 593
Network terminology, 593

Chapter 59, How to Plan and Develop Your Own Computer System, 595
The Preprogram Investigation: Selling the Program, 595
In-House or Consultant Approach, 595
Roles of the Organization Functions in the Investigation, 596
How to Use the Consultant's Proposal in Selling the Program, 597
Three Stages to a Successful Automated System, 597

Chapter 60, How to Evaluate and Assess Your Company's Program: Using the Maintenance Management
Survey to Reengineer the Maintenance
Process, 607
Why Evaluate Your Maintenance Process?, 607
Where Do You Start to Assess Your Program?, 608
Two-Step Continuous Improvement for Your Maintenance-Management Program, 609
What Questions Should Be Asked in Each Survey?, 610
How to Implement Savings Through Better Material Control, 619
Using Your Computer to Survey Your Maintenance Program, 621

Chapter 61, How to Control Progress in a Maintenance Reengineering Program, 624
Three Fail-Proof Steps to Implementing a Maintenance Improvement Plan, 624
Program Control Master Plan, 626
Scheduling the Improvement Plan, 627
How to Define the Critical Path, 630
Tips for Meeting the Program Schedule, 630
Using Automated Project Management to Meet the Schedule, 630
Using the Computer to Control Method-Improvement Status, 631

Chapter 62, 21st Century Maintenance Management With Finite Capacity Planning, 637
Putting It All Together, 637
The Problem: Conventional Maintenance Service, 637
The New Option: Finite Capacity Planning, 638
Organizing For Finite Capacity Planning, 638
Fifteen-Step Process For Finite Capacity Planning, 638
Other References, 643

Index, 645


736 Pages, 8-1/2 x 11


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Industrial Electricity
Tools for Electricians

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Electrical Exam Prep
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