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    Residential Wiring to the 2008 NEC
Book w/ CD-ROM

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Residential Wiring to the 2008 NEC

by Jeff Markell

This book is for anyone who wants to make a living wiring houses, but who is new to or rusty on current rules and theory for electrical work

This completely revised book clearly explains how to install rough and finish wiring in new construction, alterations, and additions. From basic electrical theory to advanced wiring methods to comply with the 2008 National Electrical Code.

Here you'll find complete instructions on troubleshooting and repairs of existing wiring. Hundreds of drawings and photos show you how to plan and install wiring to code. Includes demand factors, circuit loads, and the formulas you need.

The author explains what every electrician needs to know about electricity -- how to select the right material, how to follow the plans, the types and spacing of outlets, and permissible loading on general purpose circuits.

Emphasis is on what the 2008 NEC allows, and how to avoid the errors new electricians often make. Includes over 20 pages of the 2008 NEC tables that you'll need and use the most.

Here you'll find the basics of residential wiring -- your complete guide to installing wiring the right way.

You'll learn about:

  • tools and gauges
  • switch circuits
  • service entrances
  • rough and finish wiring
  • wiring additions
  • alterations to old work
  • troubleshooting
  • repairs

Each chapter includes a set of multiple-choice questions based on that chapter. Test yourself to see if you need to back and review any of the material.

New in this edition: a CD-ROM with the Interactive Study Center -- the Q & A in the book in fun-to-use interactive testing software. Click on your answer and choose either an instant response or a grade at the end of the entire test. More like playing a video game than studying, so you'll study more, do better on any state electrician's exam, and be better-equipped for the job.

Also on the CD: the compete book in PDF form. Use your computer's easy-search feature to take you directly to the information you need. You can even e-mail diagrams or installations instructions directly from the file to a worker on the job.


Introduction, 5

1. Electrical Energy, 7
Historical Introduction, 7
The Composition of Matter, 8
Formation of Molecules, 10
Static Electricity, 12
Current Electricity, 13
Ohm's Law, 14
Watt's Law, 16
Electrical Measurements, 18
Basic Electrical Circuits, 20
Effects of Electrical Energy, 22
Test Questions, 24

2. Distribution of Alternating Current, 27
DC Sources, 27
Magnetic-Mechanical Generation, 28
Induction and AC Generation, 32
Power in an AC Circuit, 42
Test Questions, 45

3. Tools and Safety, 47
Conventional Hand Tools, 47
Electrician's Hand Tools, 49
Power Tools, 52
Test Instruments, 54
Basic Wiring Techniques, 57
Safety, 58
Test Questions, 61

4. Conductors, 63
Wire Materials, 67
Wire Size, 69
Insulations, 70
Color Code, 74
Ampacities, 75
Test Questions, 77

5. Grouped Conductors, 79
Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable, 79
Service Entrance Cable, 81
Underground Feeder Cable, 81
Armored Cable, 84
Flexible Metal Conduit, 85
Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit, 86
Rigid Metal Conduit, 87
Electrical Metallic Tubing, 88
Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Conduit, 90
Surface Metal Raceways, 90
Surface Nonmetallic Raceways, 91
Multioutlet Assembly, 91
Test Questions, 92

6. Electrical Boxes, 95
Metal Boxes, 95
Single Gang Boxes, 96
4- inch Square Boxes, 99
Multiple Gang Boxes, 100
Cut-in Boxes, 101
Octagon Boxes, 101
Weatherproof Boxes, 102
Plastic Boxes, 104
NEC Box Regulations, 105
Number of Conductors Permitted, 105
Entrance of Conductors into Boxes, 108
Test Questions, 110

7. Wiring Switch Circuits and Outlets, 113
Switch Types, 113
Wiring Switch Circuits, 117
Wiring 3-way Switch Circuits, 120
Switch/Outlet Combinations, 127
Outlets, 129
Test Questions, 132

8. Plans, 135
Types of Plans and their Uses, 137
Floor Plan Symbols, 139
Design of the Electrical System, 140
Convenience Outlets, 140
Lighting Requirements, 144
Branch Circuits, 150
Cable Plans, 164
Wiring Diagrams, 165
GFCI Circuits, 174
Appliances, 174
Service Load Computation, 178
Sizing the Service Entrance, 182
Test Questions, 183

9. The Service Entrance, 185
Overhead Service Entrance, 185
Underground Services, 189
Meter Box, 190
Breaker Box, 191
Grounding, 192
Grounding Electrode System, 194
Overcurrent Protective Devices, 196
Fuses, 197
Circuit Breakers, 199
Test Questions, 200

10. Rough Wiring, 203
Nonmetallic Cable, 203
BX Cable, 208
Flexible Metal Conduit, 210
Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit, 212
Electrical Metallic Tubing, 212
The Conduit Bender, 214
Surface Raceways, 219
Identifying Rough Wiring, 219
Test Questions, 221

11. Finish Wiring of New Work, 223
Receptacles, 223
Switches, 226
Appliances, 227
Light Fixtures, 231
Breaker Box, 234
Test Questions, 236

12. Additions and Alterations to Old Work, 239
Framing Types, 239
Concealing Additions/Alterations, 243
Exposed Additions/Alterations, 248
Test Questions, 252

13. Troubleshooting and Repairs, 255
Shorts, 255
Overloads, 258
Receptacles, 262
Switches, 263
Light Fixtures, 265
Checking New Wiring, 271
Test Questions, 274

14. Supplementary Systems, 277
Signaling and Warning Systems, 277
Communications, 283
Entertainment Systems, 284
Test Questions, 287

Answers to Chapter Questions, 289
Index, 291

About the Author:

Jeff Markell worked for over 30 years as a licensed general contractor in residential and commercial construction, and is author of several technical manuals.

As an instructor of electrical wiring to apprentice electricians, he looked for a practical manual that would supply the hands-on instructions they needed to install wiring that complies with the latest NEC. Finding none, he wrote this one.

8-1/2 x 11 in.


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