Electricians, Levels and Lasers

Most Tradesmen, including Electricians, can make use of Levels and Lasers to increase productivity and accuracy of their work. 

Anything that saves time and gives a better result is a win-win situation.

Powerful V-Groove GripTight® rare earth magnets hold to flat or round ferrous metal surfacesA common tool among Electricians is the Magnetic Torpedo Level. It can be used for most leveling jobs like conduit runs, fixtures and equipment. A V-Groove on one side helps it seat properly on curved surfaces like conduit, and magnets can make it stay there, freeing up your hands for other things. (Rare Earth Magnets are more powerful, and hold stronger than the traditional magnetic strip on some levels). For Larger Equipment, or when more precision is desired, a longer Box Level may be better suited.

Torpedo Level w/ Glo-ViewJohnson Level’s Patented Glo-View® Technology maximizes a level’s readability in dimly lit and even dark environments. After being exposed to sunlight, or artificial light it will glow for long periods of time. Levels with Glo-View®technology are great for jobs where light is scarce, such as attics, basements, crawl spaces, inside cabinets, above drop ceilings and in closets and dark corners.

Special Purpose LevelsSpecial Purpose Levels are available for a variety of applications, including reading angles (ie conduit bends), Leveling posts, and quick setup and leveling of Appliances and Equipment. Some are small enough to carry in a pocket, tool box or pouch so you’ll always be able to get professional results.
Dot Lasers are your best choice when you want to find a level or plumb point or points.

Dot Lasers are your best choice when you want to find a level or plumb point, or points at 90 degrees between a wall, the floor and the ceiling. Johnson dot laser levels are available in two-beam, three-beam, and five-beam dot laser level models to meet the needs of every construction application.

Using a Dot Laser to install ceiling lightsOne interior application example where a Dot Laser Level may be useful would be installing ceiling lights.

Let’s say you want to install the lights in five rows starting 3 feet from the wall. Instead of going up on a ladder and trying to mark all the measurements on the ceiling, which may require two people, all the measurements and markings can be made on the floor.

Then using a two, three or five Dot Laser, simply place the down laser beam on the mark on the floor. A perfectly plumb laser beam coming out the top of the Dot Laser will transfer the point on the floor to a point on the ceiling. You now know where to install your lights.

Line LasersLine Lasers and Rotary Lasers are useful when you need level horizontal or plumb vertical line(s) on walls, floors and ceilings. They can be used for placing switches and outlets at the same height around a room, as well as conduit runs. Most are self-leveling, and once set up, can speed installation considerably.

Line Lasers are generally for indoor applications, and some Rotary Lasers can be used indoors, and outdoors (with a Laser Detector). Johnson Rotary Laser level with GreenBrite® Technology

Rotary Lasers can be very accurate, – within 1/16″ at 100ft., and some have a range up to 2000′ Diameter with a Laser Detector. According to Johnson, their rotary laser levels with GreenBrite® Technology have 400% greater visibility than the red lasers used in other rotary laser levels in the same price range.

Johnson Level ProductsFounded in 1947, Johnson is a leading manufacturer of professional quality tools designed to help their customers get work done more quickly and accurately.

Over the years they have built a comprehensive portfolio of leveling, measuring, marking and layout tools which has expanded into construction grade lasers, laser distance measurers and industrial grade machine mountable lasers and levels.

Every product they produce is designed to offer the targeted end user a high quality tool that represents the highest value finished product available anywhere.

Johnson laser levels, spirit levels, construction measuring and marking tools - JobSite Tough Since 1947

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