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Craftsman National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator 2024

National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator 2024


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National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator 2024

James A. Thomson


Manhours, labor and material costs for all common plumbing and HVAC work in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. You can quickly work up a reliable estimate based on the pipe, fittings and equipment required.

Every plumbing and HVAC estimator can use the cost estimates in this practical manual. Sample estimating and bidding forms and contracts also included. Explains how to handle change orders, letters of intent, and warranties. Describes the right way to process submittals, deal with suppliers and subcontract specialty work.

Included in this edition: costs for ASME "H" or "U" stamped, LFUE certified 90% or better green certified boilers, costs for emmission sensing and recording equipment for boilers, costs for self-contained roof-top DX air conditioning units, costs for heat recovery ventilators, roof exhaust fans, makeup air units, ventilation exhausters, energy-effecient exhauster arrays, air balance software, LEED certified boilers, residential heat pumps, LEED certified geothermal heat pumps, LEED certified residential HVAC, LEED certified air to air heat pumps, and much more....

Manhours, Labor and Material Costs for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Plumbing, Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning.

ABS Drain, Waste and Vent Piping
Pipes, Bends, Fittings, Hangers, Sleeves and Flashing.

Boiler Accessories Chemical Feed Pumps, Combustion Controls, Condensate Receivers, Deaertor / Condensers, Feed Water Pumps, Heat Recovery Systems, Refractory, Stacks, Trim, and Water Treatment Systems.

Carbon Steel Piping Threaded, Butt-Welded and Roll-Grooved Pipe, Fittings, Valves and Hangers.

Cast Iron DWV Piping Gasketed Pipe and No-Hub Service Weight Pipe and Fittings.

Copper DWV Piping Pipe and Fittings with Soft-Soldered Joints, Hangers and Clamps.

Brazed Copper Type K, L & M Piping - Hard-Drawn Pipe with Wrought Copper Fittings and Valves.

Soft Soldered Copper Type K, L & M Piping Hard-Drawn Pipe with Wrought Copper Fittings.

Polypropylene Scheduled 40 DWV Piping Pipe with Heat Fusioned Joints, Hangers and Sleeves.

PVC Schedule 40 & 80 Piping Pipe with Solvent-Welded Fittings, Valves, Hangers and Clamps.

PVC Sewer Piping Bell & Spigot with Elastometric Gasketed Joints and Fittings

Plumbing & Piping Specialties Access Doors, Vents, Flangers, Valves, Indicators, Gauges.

Plumbing Equipment Bathtubs, Interceptors, Sinks, Pumps, Showers and Water Closets.

Kitchen Equipment Connections For Heaters, Disposers, Gas Appliances, Indirect Waste.

Galvanized Steel Duct Work Spiral and Rectangular, Including Fabrication and Installation.

Fiberglass DuctWork Fabrication and Installation of Both Duct Board and Flexible Duct.

Ductwork Specialties Supply Registers, Return Air Grills, Ceiling Deffusers and Dampers.

HVAC Equipment Package Units, Boilers, Blowers, Cooling Towers, Fans, Coils, Pumps.

Thermal Insulation Pipe Wrap, Duct Board and Blanket Insulation and Duct Lining.

If you need to estimate the cost of plumbing or HVAC systems, this book will be your most reliable guide to figuring the time required for installation and the labor material cost. You get the in-place cost for all common plumbing and HVAC work in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Plumbing and HVAC estimators will also like the sample forms, contracts and practical procedures included in this manual.

Optional: Subscribe to National Estimator Cloud a Web app that makes it easy to compile and print estimates, bids and invoices for nearly any type of construction project. See details inside the front cover.

Contents: (from a prior edition)

How to Use This Book, 5

Plumbing Equipment
Domestic Hot Water Heater, 15
Kitchen Equipment, 17
Kitchen Equipment Connections, 18
Plumbing Fixtures, 19
Plumbing Fixture Rough-In, 23

Piping Systems
Copper Pipe, Type K with Brazed Joints, 25
Copper Pipe, Type K with Soft-Soldered Joints, 35
Copper Pipe, Type L with Brazed Joints, 45
Copper Pipe, Type L with Soft-Soldered Joints, 55
Copper Pipe, Type M with Brazed Joints, 65
Copper Pipe, Type M with Soft-Soldered Joints, 74
PVC, Schedule 40, with Solvent-Weld Joints, 83
PVC, Schedule 80, with Solvent-Weld Joints, 93
Polyethylene-Aluminum Pipe with Crimped Joints, 102
Polyethylene-Aluminum Pipe with Compression Joints, 107
Plumbing and Piping Specialties, 111
Cast Iron, DWV, Service Weight, No-Hub with Coupled Joints, 127
Cast Iron, DWV, Service Weight, Hub & Spigot with
Gasketed Joints, 133
Copper, DWV, with Soft-Soldered Joints, 138
ABS, DWV with Solvent-Weld Joints, 142
PVC, DWV with Solvent-Weld Joints, 146
PVC, DWV with Gasketed Bell and Spigot Joints, 151
Polypropylene, Schedule 40, with Heat-Fusioned Joints, 156

Floor, Area, Roof and Planter Drains, 160
Cleanouts, 161

Fire Protection
Fire Protection Sprinklers, 162
Fire Protection Equipment, 166
Fire Protection Sprinkler Pipe and Fittings (Roll Grooved), 168
Fire Protection Sprinkler Fittings(Roll Grooved), 171
Fire Protection Sprinkler Fittings (Threaded), 172
Fire Protection Sprinkler Branch Pipe and Fittings (Threaded), 173
Fire Protection Sprinkler Branch Fittings (Threaded), 174
Fire Protection Sprinkler Pipe and Fittings (CPVC), 175
Fire Protection Sprinkler Fittings (CPVC), 176

HVAC Equipment
Commercial Boilers, 177
Commercial Boiler Connections, 179
Commercial Boiler Components and Accessories, 180
Centrifugal Pumps and Pump Connections, 189
Heat Exchangers and Connections, 190
Fan Coil Units and Connections, 191
Reheat Coils and Connections, 192
Unit Heaters and Connections, 193
Chillers and Chiller Connections, 194
Condensing Units and Cooling Towers, 195
Cooling Towers and Cooling Tower Connections, 196

Steel Piping Systems
Carbon Steel, Schedule 40 with 150# Fittings &
Butt-Welded Joints, 197
Carbon Steel, Schedule 40 with 150# M.I. Fittings &
Threaded Joints, 206
Carbon Steel, Schedule 5 with Pressfit Fittings, 217
Carbon Steel, Schedule 80 with 300# Fittings &
Butt-Welded Joints, 220
Carbon Steel, Schedule 80 with 300# Fittings &
Threaded Joints, 230
Carbon Steel, Schedule 160 with 3,000-6,000# Fittings, 238
Carbon Steel, Schedule 40 with Roll-Grooved Joints, 249
Carbon Steel, Schedule 10 with Roll-Grooved Joints, 256
Carbon Steel, Schedule 40 with Cut-Grooved Joints, 263

Air Handling Units, 269
Air Handling Unit Accessories, 270
Heat Recovery Ventilators - Commercial, 271
Heat Recovery Ventilators - Residential, 272
Water Coil Piping, 273
Air Handling Unit Coil Connections, 276
Gas Fired Furnaces, 278
Wall Furnaces, 279
Unit Heaters, 280
Infrared Heaters, 281
Heat Pump Systems, 282
Commercial Fans and Blowers, 285
Commercial Ventilators and Exhaust Fans, 286
Apparatus Housings, 288
Air Devices, Registers & Grilles, 290
Air Devices, Diffusers & Grilles, 291
Terminal Units (VAV), 293

Ducting Systems
Ductwork Specialties, 294
Galvanized Steel Ductwork, 297
Installed Ductwork Per Pound, 299
Galvanized Steel Spiral Ductwork, 301
Galvanized Steel Round Spiral Fittings, 302
Galvanized Steel Rectangular Ductwork, 304
Galvanized Steel Rectangular 90 Degree Elbows, 306
Galvanized Steel Spiral Duct, 309
Galvanized Steel Spiral Duct Fittings, 311
Galvanized Steel Spiral Tees, 313
Galvanized Steel Spiral Crosses, 319
Galvanized Steel Rectangular Ductwork, 322
Galvanized Steel Rectangular Elbows, 334
Galvanized Steel Drops and Tees, 344
Galvanized Steel Round Ductwork, 347
Fiberglass Ductwork, 348

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation, 350
Calcium Silicate Pipe Insulation with Aluminum Jacket, 352
Closed Cell Elastomeric Pipe Insulation, 353
Thermal Duct Insulation, 354
Balancing of HVAC Systems, 355
Temperature Controls, 358

Ductile Iron Pipe Systems
Ductile Iron, Class 153, Cement-Lined with Mechanical Joints, 360
Ductile Iron, Class 153, Double Cement-Lined with
Mechanical Joints, 362
Ductile Iron, Class 110, Cement-Lined with Mechanical Joints, 364

Cast Iron, Class 150 with Mechanical Joints, 365
Asbestos-Cement, Class 2400 or 3000 with Mechanical Joints, 366
Fiberglass Tanks, 368
Plastic Tanks, 369
Trenching, 371
Equipment Rental, 373
Close-Out Items, 374
Budget Estimating, 375

Forms and Letters, 378
Change Estimates, 378
Subcontract Forms, 387
Purchase Orders, 391
Construction Schedules, 393
Letters of Intent, 396
Submittal Data, 398
Billing Breakdown Worksheet, 401
Monthly Progress Billing, 403
Warranty Letters, 405

Index, 407

Softcover - 480 Pages
8-1/2 x 11 in.


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Electrician's Tools
Electrical Supplies

9781572183957 / 9781572183865 / 9781572183766 / 9781572183674 / 9781572183582

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