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Plumber's Handbook Revised

Plumber's Handbook Revised


DEWALT Plumbing Licensing Exam Guide, 2E
Plumbing Licensing Exam Guide

Plumber's Licensing Study Guide
Plumber's Licensing

Study Guide

DEWALT Plumbing Code Reference - updated to 2006 IPC, IRC
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Code Check Plumbing 3rd Edition! - A field guide to the plumbing codes
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Basic Plumbing with Illustrations, Revised
Basic Plumbing with Illustrations, Revised

2012 International Plumbing Code (IPC)
2012 International Plumbing Code (IPC)

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DEWALT HVAC Code Reference
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Plumber's Handbook Revised

By: Howard Massey   >> Preview Chapter

Explains in simple terms how to install plumbing systems that will pass inspection - the first time. Every chapter is clearly illustrated with diagrams, charts and tables that make it easy to select the right material and install it correctly.

It covers all of the plumber's trade: vents, waste piping, drainage, septic tanks, hot and cold water supply systems, wells, fire protection piping, fixtures, solar energy systems, gas piping and more. There are even chapters on mobile home and travel trailer parks and graywater recycling.

This new edition has been completely updated to comply with current editions of the International Plumbing Code (IPC) and the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) that are the standards for most cities and code jurisdictions. New tables, illustrations and chapters bring this book current with recent amendments to the plumbing codes.

All tables, standards, and specifications are completely up-to-date with recent plumbing code changes. Covers common layouts for residential work, how to size piping, select and hang fixtures, practical recommendations, and trade tips.

You'll also find help in preparing for the journeyman or master plumber's exam. Each chapter ends with a set of questions on what you should have learned. Test yourself, your workers, or your students. The correct answers are given in the back of the book, and include the actual page number where the topic is covered.

The book concludes with a sample exam - 200 multiple-choice questions of the type you can expect to find on most plumber's exams. Again, the answers are in the back, with the page number where you'll find the topic explained. Whether you're installing plumbing and piping systems that have to pass inspection, or trying to pass the plumber's exam, you need this new edition of Plumber's Handbook.

Itís the approved reference for the plumbing contractor's exam in many states.

The Author:

Howard Massey is in every way an expert on the plumbing code and plumbing principles. He entered the field as an apprentice, advancing quickly to journeyman and master plumber. He was for 15 years a plumbing contractor and served for 14 years as assistant plumbing chief and plans examiner for Dade County, Florida.

Having seen plumbing work from all sides - as a plumber, plumbing contractor, inspector, and plans examiner - he knows where the problems lie. He has seen just about every mistake a tradesman, architect, engineer and plumbing contractor can make.

Since every plumber must have complete, up-to-date knowledge of the current plumbing code, Mr. Massey has revised and supplemented this manual to comply with significant code changes and new materials and methods that have appeared since the last printing of Plumber's Handbook. That makes this volume one of the most complete and useful guides available to the plumbing trade.

Other books by Mr. Massey are Basic Plumbing with Illustrations, Plumber's Exam Preparation Guide, Planning Drain, Waste & Vent Systems, and Illustrated Guide to the International Plumbing & Fuel Gas Codes.


Chapter 1
Plumbing and the Plumber, 5
The History of Plumbing, 5

Chapter 2
Designing Drainage Systems, 7
Isometric Drawings, 7
Fixture Abbreviations, Definitions and Illustrations, 9
How to Size the Drainage System, 15
Review Questions, 30

Chapter 3
Designing Vent Systems, 33
Types of Vents, 33
Problems Created by Inadequate Venting, 37
How to Size the Vent System, 39
Special Venting Systems, 42
Vent Terminals, 49
Aggregate Cross-sectional Area Pipe, 50
Review Questions, 51

Chapter 4
Fixture Traps, 53
Building Traps, 53
Fixture Traps, 53
Review Questions, 61

Chapter 5
Cleanouts, 63
The Importance of Accessible Cleanouts, 63
Cleanout Material and Design, 67
Review Questions, 69

Chapter 6
Interceptors, Special Traps and Neutralizing Tanks, 71
Grease Interceptors, 71
Greasy Waste Systems, 76
Laundry Interceptors, 78
Gasoline, Oil and Sand Interceptors, 81
Other Types of Interceptors or Separators, 83
Review Questions, 86

Chapter 7
Indirect Waste Piping, Receptors and Special Wastes, 89
Piping Material and Sizes, 89
Types of Indirect Waste Piping, 89
Receptors, 91
Special Wastes, 92
Storm Water Drainage Systems, 94
Review Questions, 100

Chapter 8
Installation of Drainage and Vent Pipes, 103
Standards for Plumbing Materials, 103
Joints and Connections, 1l0
Installation Methods, 1l4
Review Questions, 124

Chapter 9
Septic Tanks and Drainfields, 127
Definition of the Septic Tank, 127
Septic Tank Construction, 128
Sizing Septic Tanks, 130
Installing Septic Tanks, 131
Types of Drainfields, 132
Sizing Drainfields, 134
Review Questions, 138

Chapter 10
Mobile Home and Travel Trailer Parks, 141
Toilet Facilities for Trailer Parks, 141
The Park Drainage and Vent System, 142
The Park Water Distributing System, 144
Review Questions, 146

Chapter 11
Graywater Recycling Systems for Single-Family Residences, 147
The Older Water Conservation Methods, 147
A New Water Conservation Method: Graywater Recycling, 148
Review Questions, 156

Chapter 12
Public Water Supply and Distribution Systems, 159
Water System Components, 159
Sizing the Water System, 161
Sizing the Water Service Pipe, 164
Review Questions, 168

Chapter 13
Hot Water Systems, 169
Design Objectives, 169
The Water Heater, 169
Safety Devices, 171
Energy Conservation, 174
Common Hot Water Circulating Systems, 174
Review Questions, 176

Chapter 14
Installing Water Systems, 179
Materials for Water Systems, 179
Installing Water Service Supply Pipe, 182
Installing Water Distribution Pipe, 183
Threaded Pipe, Fittings and Valves, 185
Review Questions, 190

Chapter 15
Private Water Supply Wells, 193
Well Water, 193
Well Installation, 194
Suction Lines, 195
Pressure Tanks, 197
Review Questions, 200

Chapter 16
Fire Protection, 201
Standpipe Systems, 201
Combined and Automatic Sprinkler Systems, 207
Review Questions, 210

Chapter 17
Swimming Pools and Spas, 213
Swimming Pools, 213
Spas, 218
Review Questions, 220

Chapter 18
Harnessing Solar Energy, 223
Domestic Hot Water Heating, 223
The Solar Collector, 224
Water Circulation, 227
Solar Storage Tanks, 231
Troubleshooting Guides, 232
Review Questions, 234

Chapter 19
Gas Systems, 237
Kinds of Gas, 237
Gas Piping and the Plumber, 238
Sizing Gas Systems, 238
Residential Gas Sizing Example, 240
Review Questions, 242

Chapter 20
Materials and Installation Methods for Gas Systems, 243
Materials, 243
Installing Gas Piping, 244
Review Questions, 250

Chapter 21
Plumbing Fixtures, 253
Installing Plumbing Fixtures, 253
Plumbing Fixture Clearances, 259
Fixtures for the Handicapped, 261
Minimum Fixture Requirements, 261
Roughing-In, 265
Review Questions, 273

Answers to Review Questions, 275
Practice Plumber's Exam, 321
Examination Answer Key, 338
Definitions and Abbreviations, 339
Index, 347

Softcover - 304 Pages
8-1/2 x 11 in.


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